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Natural products come with some sort of stigma around them, as most people believe that they are not capable of doing what conventional drugs and medicine do. After all, when dealing with a migraine, most people don’t think about enjoying a chamomile tea or such – instead, they rush to the medicine cabinet and grab the first anti-inflammatory pill.
Doctors are in-between. Some say that medicine should be used when our body requires it, while others state that, if a problem can be solved without medicine, then we shouldn’t force our body with pills.

Therefore, here are five of the reasons why we should use natural products in the favor of drugs when it comes to minor ailments!

1. Reduce the Risk of Further Illness

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Strong antibiotics, as well as some medicine that we might use every day, come with a heavy price. Long-term use of various medications, especially if unsupervised or not recommended, can have serious effects on the health of our stomach and other very important organs.

This is because conventional medicine, unlike natural products, doesn’t treat some organs so well when trying to cure fever or infection. For example, most countries will not release antibiotics over the counter.

2. They Are the More Affordable Option

Depending on the health system that you’re subject to, a single stash of pills might cost you as much as your monthly mortgage payment. Naturally, natural products don’t come with such steep prices – ironically!

Given that they’re made from 100% natural products and don’t contain any expensive chemicals or laboratory ingredients, natural and herbal medicine is the more affordable option. Minor cases of asthma, for instance, can be treated with natural medicine instead of harsh drugs.

3. Contain Multiple Healing Compounds

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Pharmaceutical drugs usually come with a pre-determined dosage of that one compound/element that you need. Pills against fever do just that – stop the fever. However, natural products are very rich in vitamins and other healing compounds that could never be introduced in drugs.

Most heart rhythm medicine contains potassium and magnesium. The best natural products that could be used as an alternative, in minor cases or arrhythmia and palpitations, are the simple banana paired with a salad of spinach and kale for the magnesium.

4. They Are Used in Different Ways

As you know, most conventional medicine is swallowed – rarely applied in the form of a cream and so on. However, natural products are used in different ways. If you order CBD bath bombs, it comes with the same benefits as anti-stress medicine but is used when you take a long bath at the end of the week.

Obviously, the results are the same – amazing stress relief. Other natural products are used as teas and so on.

5. Ideal for Alternative Therapy

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Some individuals may be subject to harsh medicine therapy as a result of a more serious condition. In this case, they will be recommended restorative therapy that will allow their body to relax and replenish its power.

However, instead of using medications again, some people could rely on natural products as an alternative means of therapy. If they don’t necessarily need anti-anxiety drugs, for example, they can use CBD and such instead.

6. Natural Products Actually Work

In most cases, aches and pain are not diminished with the help of conventional pharmaceutical drugs. On top of that, there are also the side effects that we have to take into consideration.

Naturally, this doesn’t apply to natural products, especially to herbal medicine. The great majority of such products have been used – in one way or another – for hundreds or thousands of years – and are, usually, more reliable than drugs. Instead of using medicine bad for your stomach, you can rely on some CBD products, such as Joy Organics that dissolve in water, for example, or don’t need to be necessarily ingested.

7. They Support Sustainable Medicine

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Depending on the type of products that you buy, you might be unknowingly supporting local producers or manufacturers that have contracts with the main distributor. Even though this applies mainly when it comes to herbal medicine, there are also a lot of natural products that are produced locally.

Given that more and more people lose their trust in foreign medicine/products, buying locally is the only way for them to be 100% safe. Naturally, it’s also much easier to verify the statistics, so to speak, of a locally-manufactured product.

8. No Addiction/Withdrawal Symptoms

Obviously, the main downside of conventional drugs is the fact that they cause addiction. A back pain that won’t go away can be solved with an anti-inflammatory pill. But after a week of pills, you’ll soon realize that you feel pain only because you didn’t take the pill – it doesn’t necessarily help you.

This can’t happen with natural products that, more or less, don’t come with addictive compounds. Even if you get addicted to certain natural products, overuse often will not harm you nor have any side effects.

Last but not least, quitting the use of natural products often doesn’t come with withdrawal symptoms, whereas quitting antidepressants or whatnot does.

9. The Divine Smells

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Most people choose natural products because of the smells they come with – there are 2 sides to this story. Namely, if a product smells extremely good and is meant to do so, then a buyer will certainly choose it in favor of a conventional drug.

Then, if a product with a compound that has an unpleasant smell does indeed smell bad, the buyer will also choose it in favor of any pills or such. Obviously, when something that’s meant to smell bad has a vanilla scent, people will doubt its natural characteristic.
However, most natural products come with close-to-divine smells that can’t be compared to the dull smell or sour taste of a pill.

The Bottom Line

In the end, natural products are all about wellness and well-being. Harsh medicine and drugs can have a serious impact on our bodies, especially when unsupervised. Many people avoid going to the doctor just because they can rely on their daily anti-inflammatory pill.

This is the wrong approach! When you don’t have to use manufactured medicine, rely on natural products instead! If what you’re facing is not severe and can be dealt with at home, opt for herbal tea, a natural ointment, a glass of cucumber-water, and so on.
In short, take care of headaches and minor pain with the help of natural products or medicine as they’ll benefit your health in the long run!