The technological advancements have to offer a lot of interesting apps to enhance your travel experience. Here I have mentioned a few travel apps that absolutely hold worth positioning on your smartphone before you hit the roads to visit your dream destination.

1Google Translate


The No.1 on my list is Google Translate; it is the widely-used app in the smartphones of travelers. This app is free of cost and available for both iOS and Android users. The language barrier can be quite frustrating while you are traveling internationally.

You don’t get to understand the things written on the signboards and other items. Google Translate is a handy app to remove a language, communication, and translation barriers. You don’t have to be confused anymore as this app tends to translate almost 103 dissimilar languages.

You only have to type a text on your phone’s screen, and then you are good to understand every other thing. Out of 103 languages, you get to translate almost 59 languages even with no data connection.

For other minor 38 languages, you need to point our smartphone’s camera at a signboard, street sign, dinner menu, ingredients of the products, etc. This feature is enough to give a rough idea about the item.

2XE Currency


This currency conversion app is a must for travelers to save themselves from complicated currency conversions procedures. People who don’t like to keep a daily track of fluctuating currency rates, then XE currency is essential for them to know about the market rates of currency while they are traveling abroad.

The XE currency is easily available to both iOS and Android users against no charges. It’s a quick app to save yourself from monetary risks while dealing with uncertain exchange rates conversion processes. The app won’t be needing any data connection to convert the currency rates.

Instead, you get to download the rates while you select a specific currency. This app is best-suited to choose different dollars, pesos, and baht you’d like to convert and then specifically pick one you would like to use at the moment. Click the search bar in the app, enter the total amount, and choose the equivalent currency for which you would like the conversion.



Who doesn’t like to enjoy its MP3 downloaded and created playlists of favorite songs while traveling? I guess no one. Fortunately, Android users can download the MP3 studio for free. This app lets you download large-sized video files from YouTube and convert them into more accessible and small-sized mp3 audio clips.

This way, you can create your own travel songs playlist that you can play offline on the road. This youtube downloader does not require any prior registration and works well to support a bunch of audio and video formats.

It allows the users to convert files at available speed by ensuring the quality of files. You can find more information and start downloading on Mp3 Studio.



The AccuWeather is also a free app and built-in default for both the iOS and Android platforms. Perhaps, you may have a prior fair idea that you cannot underestimate the importance of great weather app.

The app is valuable to estimate the hourly, daily, and weekly weather updates of the specific place you are going to travel. The AccuWeather app is easily available in more than a hundred diverse languages. With this app, the travelers can get minute-by-minute weather predictions about the hyper-localized destination.

This app lets you collect your winter and rain gears beforehand by projecting the snow falling and rain chances of the location that you are planning to go on camping.



This travel app is free of cost and available to both Android and iOS users. It’s a useful app and attempts to ease travelers with a packing checklist. You probably have a fair idea that packing can consume much of your time. It is not a bad idea to have someone by your side who can make/compile a list for you.

This app is capable of compiling a weather-specific packing list by taking into consideration the travel dates and destination.

It will help you plan the whole trip get-ups and make viable suggestions. However, you can add and remove the items suggested a computerized packing list and customize the list based on your requirements.



This app is also free of cost and available on both platforms: iOS and Android. The Dayuse app helps you book the hotel rooms for your next trip. When evening flights leave you in a trip no man’s land, this app will help you save from accommodation troubles during your business trips or fun adventures.

This app supports travelers in acquiring day hotel hours to get some relaxation, take a shower, or gets some job done. For such events, you get a hotel room at relatively a cheaper price with access to all the facilities availed by the overnight guests.



When I am pinning down must-have travel apps for you, how can I miss talking about this one! It’s a free and easy-to-use app that is well-adopted by the Android and iOS users. If you do not use the Uber app in your routine life, it is quite a handy app when traveling internationally. Uber is currently being used by the residents of more than 60 countries and 400 cities.

Its efforts to offer great transportation services at reasonable rates. In case you are traveling to a place where you don’t understand and can’t speak the local language, this travel app allows you to type the address in a way that can cut down on the confusion between the user and the driver.



The Headout is a tremendous travel app freely available on the Android and iOS platforms. It helps you ease the problems when you arrived in a new country and a strange city.

Fire up Headout! This app will guide you to the events happening in your current travel location, including theatre performances, tourist tours to historical or recreational places, colorful exhibitions, and adventure experiences.

Of course, a list of available events will be depending on where exactly you are and at what time you want to out or visit the city. In a country, some cities have the rush and busier lifestyle. Nonetheless, this travel app is a great way to help you find out attractional sports and exciting events going on in a new place.