The reason why people believe that moving homes is a difficult, stress-inducing and time-consuming process is that they don’t know any savvy trick to help them hasten the process.

Yes, moving can be overwhelming, but it’s easy to turn even the most exhausting task into a fun, stress-free activity with some genius moving hacks.

Continue reading these tips for moving homes to find moving tips and tricks that can remove the stress from relocation.

Use Budget-Saving Tricks to Save Money

Moving homes is an expensive project. In fact, when relocating, people may feel like they’ve spent their life savings due to how expensive the process is.

Luckily, there is always some easy-moving trick to combat this challenge. The most common include:

Consider Every Route to Cut Expenses

When packing up the house for relocation, there are several cost-saving options that make it possible to travel on a budget.

The first is to sell unwanted items. A garage sale offers two benefits, downsizing homewares so that moving estimates won’t be on the high side and making it possible to save more.


On the other hand, most people often have their minds set on hiring shippers. However, some shipping services may be quite expensive, especially when hiring full-service shippers. Full-service shippers take care of everything involved in changing homes, from packing to loading, unloading, unpacking, dismantling, and assembly of furniture.

Understand that moving rates will increase with the services requested. So, the best budget-friendly have when hiring shippers is to leave only the hard task to the movers. Take a DIY route for packing, unpacking, disassembly, and assembly of furniture. Leave the heavy-lifting, loading, and unloading services to the relocation company.

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Find Free Packaging Materials

Another good tip on moving that ensures budget-friendly transit is to get free supplies. Like every other part of moving, packing up the house for transit won’t be possible without packing supplies. However, packing supplies also has its cost attached to them. Luckily, places like grocery stores, liquor stores, hardware shops, and bookstores make it easy to get packing supplies for free.

Flexibility is Key

People considering relocation plans often have a date set for the move. However, not every plan plays out as planned. Movers rates often increase during the peak seasons, and this is why many people schedule their move for weekdays, winters, and Fall. Always have an open schedule so that when demand for shipping services is low it will be easy to take advantage of their low rates.

How to Pack for The Move

Besides the financial part of moving homes, packing up for relocation can also be stress-inducing. But, learning how to pack for the transit will make the move less chaotic. Some good these easy packing tips for moving include:

Leave the Clothes on the Hanger

One of the best ways to ensure proper organization when packing clothes is to wrap them properly before packing them. Nevertheless, for clothes on hangers, this step really won’t be necessary. Instead, it will make packing up more stressful and time-consuming. A good way to about this is to get a wardrobe box and hang clothes with the hanger.

Wrap breakables and fill gaps with soft towels and linens

There’s no point in getting more packing supplies if the one previously purchased is exhausted. Around the house are soft items like towels, clean rags, and linens; use them. Wrap breakables with towels and linens or use them to fill empty spaces in the box.

This tip on moving will be a space saver as it means there will be no need to find additional boxes to pack linens and towels.

Cut Some Plastic and Wrap Lids of Liquid Items

There’s always a chance of moving with items like dish soap, liquid antiseptics, bath soap, lotion, and vegetable oil. Under heavy items, things with liquid may spill and damage homewares. To prevent spills, always place some plastic wrap under and around the lid.

Take Snapshots of the Box Content


Moving inventory will make finding things inside the packed box easy. But a photographic image of the box contents works more effectively. Make sure to capture the box contents from a clean and clear angle.

Pack a Carry-on Essentials Bag

The best moving advice that ensures convenience after packing up the house and during the first few days of relocating to the new place is to pack an essentials bag. Make sure the bag has items like clothes, toiletries, bedding, towels, food, water, charge, phone, eating utensils, and every small item so that camping in the new house before setting up home fixtures won’t be inconvenient.

Moving day

Packing may be stressful, but the moving day also has its own stress whether or not shipping companies are involved. Just use these tricks below to lessen the stress.

Plan a Getaway for Kids and Pets

Things are more chaotic than when packing up the house. With pets and kids around, there’s always a chance of home accidents, especially if they are left unsupervised. So, instead of leaving pets and kids at home, invite friends, family, or neighbors to watch over the kids on relocation day.

Pack Up Everything the Day Before Relocation


Avoid last-minute packing as much as possible so movers won’t have a reason to increase moving estimates due to delay.


Changing homes is an exciting occasion for everyone. Yet, it can turn out daunting and more frustrating than any other occasion. Of course, organization and flexibility are reliable ways to get things sorted smoothly but sometimes, some savvy tricks can be the painless ingredients that take away the stress from a move. Just follow these moving tips to ensure a less chaotic relocation process.