Long gone are the times when cash was the only way to pay for goods. Nowadays, the possibilities are endless. But with more payment methods comes a more significant risk. Hackers quickly snatch out credit information in unprotected paywalls.

It’s the same as getting your purse or wallet taken. So how do you secure yourself, and what are the best methods to pay for services?

The safest payment methods to ever exist

In the payments ecosystem, buyers constantly interact with merchants. The cash flow needs to continue, so it’s only fair that people invent more intelligent payments.

There are pros and cons to each payment method, including cash. Here is the list of the least troublesome ways to complete a purchase:

1. Credit cards


The buyer selects a purchase, places an order, and types in their credit card information. If the process is completed successfully, they will receive a payment notification. It’s the most popular standard payment method when it comes to Internet shopping.

Pros: it’s easy to pay for goods online using a credit card method. Just type in the info, tap a few times, and voila – your money went to the store right away. However, sometimes it’s not that simple.


If a payer manages to type in all the info correctly, that doesn’t guarantee the payment is in the seller’s pocket. The credit card number can be obtained by the staff of an online shop or snatched during the transaction.

Additionally, the problem may happen with time when a happy client has forgotten about the online deal. However, reputable stores and services ensure safety by encoding the transactional process so that no third parties can obtain that info.

2. Cash


Cash rules everything around us, and that’s the fact. There is no more reliable method than a good-old dollar. After selecting a purchase in an online store, a buyer provides their address (house, store, etc.). The courier takes your order and brings it right to your doorstep.


99,9% guarantee of receiving your goods (as a buyer) and money (as a seller.) You could check the purchase and return it right away if the seller didn’t satisfy your requirements.

Additionally, when meeting in real life, there is a possibility of talking to a seller and asking them to demonstrate how the service/device works. Finally, you can see all the attached documents, like warranty or checks.


Money is unsanitary, and couriers can be annoying. Not everyone wants to deal with people in real time. Additionally, there’s a small percentage that the banknote is fake.

3. Payment apps


The majority of modern citizens love payment apps because it’s the quickest way to complete a purchase.

Not only can you pay for a service, but it’s also an excellent way to transfer money to your family or pay your employees. You can use cash apps with phones and tablets, computers, and even accessories by tapping and swiping.


Most online-vendors such as PayPal or Venmo care about safety 100%. There’s aren’t many chances that the money is getting stolen. Digital wallets have an excellent policy with cashback and built-in currency calculators.

Additionally, they are integrated into most Internet purchases, so if you plan to pay for services such as DataArt, the process will take no more than a few seconds.


Hackers are as interested in your credit information as the companies that collect it. Some scam sites make their paywalls look similar to regular and safe payment sections, so you should be attentive to the stores you navigate.

Although most paywalls are protected, there is still a slight chance someone will try to obtain your credit information at some point, especially if you never log off and have the same password for all of your accounts.

4. Bank Checks


Online banking is increasing with time and therefore, transactions through paper checks are decreasing. Although it is a good thing because of increased security but checks are also quite safe.

Because of the increased popularity of online scams, check scams have decreased. So if you do not want to take any risk, you should prefer bank checks.


You can use them for one-time payments. For example, you need to pay for a magazine subscription, it will be a good choice to pay them through a check.

Likewise, you can also give the check as a wedding or birthday gift or also for graduation. Or you can give it as a charity.


Although check fraud cases are decreasing because of various payment methods, but there is still a risk. Your complete name and address will be on the check.

Furthermore, the routing number of your bank and bank account information is also on the check. So if someone wants to collect information against you, they can use it to scam you or something similar.

Therefore, if you have to give a check, make sure that a receiver is a trustworthy person. You should not give a check to any random person.

5. Phone payment applications and vaults


There are several mobile vault applications that let you store and transfer money just like bank mobile applications. These applications are becoming popular because of their ease of use. If you are managing work remotely, this will be of great help to you.

With the help of these mobile vaults, you can send and receive payment immediately. You won’t have to wait for the payments. Thus, the money transfer will be secure and quick.


Mobile vaults are extremely safe and protected and no one else can have access to them without your authority. Furthermore. They are quick and allow you to go through an immediate money transfer. Thus, you won’t have to wait.


Although mobile payment applications are extremely safe but the frauds are increasing. Someone will send you a fake message and tell you that they have accidentally sent you the amount.

After this, they will say that you will receive a message now and you have to tell them the code. This is the account recovery code that you will receive. So if you tell them the code, they will recover your account on their phone.

Afterward, they will transfer the amount from your account to one of theirs. Therefore, despite all the safety precautions, you might become a victim of their fraud.

Final verdict

With advanced technology, you now have access to numerous payment methods. Online payment options are quite convenient to use but they also have some associated risks. So if you are using them, you should be careful of fraudsters.