Hotel bookings have turned out to be a lot easier – all thanks to the online platforms and apps that have permitted hotel booking confirmations with a click of your fingertips. Traveling and hotel bookings are no longer a hard nut to crack, but the essence lies in making the right kind of bookings to help you spend a gala time holidaying.

But not everyone turns out to be a pro while making such reservations and tends to commit silly mistakes. Are you someone who made hotel booking mistakes in the past and regretted it later?

Check out this guide to find a few common mistakes that travelers usually commit and ways to avoid them as a responsible traveler.

1. Failure to judge an alluring claim


Sometimes you come across an enticing deal and make the bookings in a hurry. But such a quick decision may end up in a disaster. All the goody-goody things you read about a hotel and its offer about a deal valid for a couple of minutes may have a dark truth hidden behind.

Also, such offers come with a small star sign that says “conditions apply,” and the conditions may actually shatter your dreams of spending a jolly good time. So, think before you act, and do not simply rush with the bookings.

Give it a second thought and ask for recommendations before locking the final deal.

2. Failure to compare the prices

Do not fall for the very first hotel that you like while browsing

Research and price comparison are essential to fetch the best-suited deal as per your budget.

A better offer may always be awaiting you. Instead of jumping to a quick conclusion, take your own sweet time and request prices of different hotels to compare them on a fair basis to make your selection.

3. Failure to look for a hotel that offers a refund


“Man proposes, and God disposes,” this is a common saying that we have heard since childhood. There might be a case when you plan out a completely fun-oriented trip, make all the bookings and reservations just to find out a week before that you have to attend some important office meeting on a date that was booked for holidays.

There may be something better waiting for you in your kitty, but you might have to postpone or cancel your plans in the end. But what if you booked a hotel at non-refundable rates? It would be the last thing that you would want to discover.

May it be a plan change or an emergency, chances are that you may need to change the booking dates if such a scenario arises. So for the safer side, always book a hotel that offers a refund on cancellation.

4. Failure to read reviews

No one likes to show their darker side and bitter truth, and hotels are no exception. When you swipe a few alternatives while searching for a hotel at your destination, you may get fascinated by the overwhelming options and beauty of the place.

But the reality may not even be close to your expectations. So, before you make your final booking, make certain that you read a few customer reviews to find out what other fellow customers feel about the hotel that tops your list.

Getting to know about their experience can help you gain an exact picture of what you can expect during your stay.

5. Failure to look for hidden cost


Some hotels divide their pricing into multiple pieces (most of which are secret), making it difficult for the tourist to understand the total charges. It is critical for guests to understand what amenities are included in the price and which hotel amenities they will require throughout their stay. Calculate all applicable taxes and look for any freebies that may be included in the package.

6. Failure to get all the information about the room

It’s always a good idea to learn everything there is to know about a hotel room before booking it, so we don’t have any regrets afterward. It’s not enough just to look at the photographs and read the descriptions. We’ll need to phone the website’s customer service or, better yet, the hotel to find out the exact location, room size, whether it’s mountain or sea-facing, amenities included in the room rate, extra-cost amenities, and so on. It’s a good idea to write down all of your requests before calling customer service.

7. Failure to look at the check-in and check-out time


These are the two most important considerations to make when booking a hotel. For example, the hotel’s check-in time might be 12 p.m., while your flight might arrive at 7 a.m. What would you do if you had five hours to kill? Is there a lobby available at the hotel? Inquire ahead of time to provide a car to pick you up from the airport or train station. Similarly, keep the check-out time in mind, so you don’t have to waste time wandering aimlessly before your return flight.

8. Failure to join hotel loyalty programs

There’s no excuse not to join a hotel loyalty program, especially if you’re a frequent client of a specific brand like Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, or Wyndham. While the benefits vary for every program, members can earn points that can be redeemed for free hotel stays, flights, cruises, and more. Furthermore, becoming a member nearly always ensures a better room assignment and perks such as free in-room Wi-Fi and complimentary breakfast.

9. Failure to call the hotel ahead of time


When you book through a third-party site, you may usually specify specific needs, such as a rollaway bed, additional towels, or a quiet room away from the elevator or ice machine. However, if you read the fine print, you’ll notice that these requests are never guaranteed. Call beforehand to see if accommodations can be made rather than waiting to see what happens when you arrive at the hotel.

10. Failure to read the fine prints

Hotel regulations aren’t the most exciting things to read, but we recommend that you read them at least once. You’ll know how the hotel handles taxes, resort fees, cancellations, check-in and check-out hours, and loyalty program points this way. It’s critical to understand how your bill will be affected if the hotel has to cancel part of your stay or if you leave a day early to avoid poor weather on your journey home.


Have you made any such hotel booking mistakes before? Nothing to worry about! After all, you can always learn from your mistakes. But the essence lies in not repeating the same again and moving ahead correcting your faults that you might have made before.

So now, since you know a few things that you should avoid while making hotel bookings, make sure that you move ahead in the right path the next time you plan to head out for a vacay!