Enterprise architecture services allow business leaders to avoid costly mistakes in the implementation of any Internet technology. But when building an architecture, mistakes can also be made. They bring all the work to modernize the business to zero. In this article, we would like to touch upon the most common problems in building software architecture. Our specialists prepared this material, once again faced with the fact that people, even those with extensive experience in software development, continue to confuse models related to different layers of the application. They do not attach importance to unnecessary coherence between parts of the application and other aspects. As a result, these aspects turn out to be, if not critical, then significantly affect the further development of a software product.

Why do errors occur?


The reason why developers with a long history of software development and architecture continue to implement tightly coupled solutions and solutions with fuzzy models is the lack of negative feedback in the short term. Often the consequences of all this become visible after some time, after making many other changes. To prevent this from happening, implements a clear strategy for interaction between developers and customers.

Software architecture vs particular tasks

The architecture of the application is often more important than the specific implementation of the task. When developers implement certain tasks, bypassing the architecture, they only say that the architecture is far from optimal and is too complicated if it is easier to bypass it than to follow it.

One of the most serious architectural mistakes


One of the most common misconceptions we have encountered about architecture is that developers think it is possible not to follow the structure. Some programmers seriously believe that both methods have an equal chance of success. The argument is fundamentally wrong, but with which it is rather difficult to argue. It is very difficult to explain to a person what future consequences his approach with fragile, tightly coupled code will bring. And it is even harder to explain to the customer, for whom the wrapper is primarily important, the functionality implemented here and now, and not the flexibility that he does not feel. When the customer does not understand the consequences that are expressed in the complexity of modernization and further development of the application, it is difficult to realize the need to pay here and now for this work.

The paradox is that often architects who build a fragile, viscous and tightly connected architecture themselves appeal to the fact that the code should not be fragile, viscous and tightly connected, but at the same time they cannot understand that their code is exactly that.

The most common mistakes


In this article, we did not touch upon such difficult topics as multithreading, parallel code execution, building real-time systems, and others. We have mentioned those rather elementary questions, the answers to which, it would seem, should be obvious:

  1. Using the same model for the database and business logic.
  2. Fetching records from the database and their projection to DTO classes.
  3. Using an enum or a separate entity (a separate table-list in the database).
  4. Violation of SRP (Single Responsible Principle).
  5. Using Nullable types.
  6. Verification of input/output data.
  7. Using Exceptions.
  8. Calculated fields and their storage in the database.
  9. Exceptions and duplication in architecture.
  10. Interfaces and their implementation.
  11. Stubs and other ways to suppress errors.
  12. Non-obviousness of using the library code.

1. Lack of Support


Lack of support can cause various issues, and it is related to improper communication between participants inside and outside of the software architecture. Therefore, you should focus on proper communication and various elements of the project to make them closer to the outer parts of the team.

2. Focusing Only on Code

This is another common mistake where developers will focus only on main functions instead of examining different aspects of the whole project, such as maintenance, potential security breaches, performances, and more. In that matter, working only on technical aspects without checking it in practice will increase the chances for issues in the later stadiums of the project.

3. Avoiding Testing the Software

It is essential to run tests all the time throughout the project, and prevent bigger issues on time. However, many developers make a mistake when they think how their performances are good enough that they could skip this process and continue coding to later stadiums. If the software expresses some deficiencies in later stadiums, it will get harder to edit that part. In that matter, running frequent tests can save you a lot of time and effort.


4. Lack of Recovery

Most developers are aware of the importance of keeping the backup files in case of some issues with the code. Therefore, it is crucial to invest in a proper recovery program that will save the project in case of some issues. The benefit of recovery programs is that they can improve the security of the software as well.

5. Security Issues

It is not a rare case that developers and companies might try to save some money by trying to create their security measures for the software. The main problem is that people are not aware of the complexity of security programs, and leaving your project with simple firewall protection or custom-made protection can leave it unprotected. Therefore, the best solution is to invest in well-known solutions that will guarantee you proper protection.


6. The Importance of Enterprise Architect

Businesses need to learn more about the importance of enterprise architects and their role in the company. You should never try to save money when it comes to the selection of developers who will be working in this section. Be sure to always hire someone with proper knowledge and experience in computer science and software development. The key role of an enterprise architect is to develop and establish a unique framework that will help your business to become more scalable, improve current strategies, create new projects, and more.

One of the best methods when it comes to hiring these engineers in your company is to look for certificates like Red Hat, Dell EMC, CISSP, Google Cloud Architect, and more. These papers represent a guarantee that people have enough knowledge related to important processes related to the IT structure of your company.

Last Words

Like with any other project, the best way to avoid any of these mistakes is to never rush with your decisions. Also, always check every process related to enterprise and be sure to include all of the necessary elements to make it more efficient, easier for maintenance, and safe.