You’ve undoubtedly come to the right place if you enjoy playing World of Warcraft TBC Classic. When it comes to raising up their character in the game, gamers commit a variety of mistakes. It’s all owing to their lack of expertise in this area. To avoid any problems while leveling up their gameplay, new gamers should learn about these blunders ahead of time.

In this post, we’ll go through some frequent World of Warcraft TBC Classic blunders, particularly those committed by beginners. These points will assist you in further identifying and changing your character throughout the game. Let’s take a look at each of them individually.

1. Ignoring The Mechanic Of Rest


If they remain in a big city or an inn, newcomers may see that their characters have a glowing portrait and a “ZZZ” status in their levels. In terms of gameplay, this simply signifies the character is now resting. Players who log off while in Rest keep their Rested status, and their EXP bar becomes blue when they log back in. Players will not know how the Rested state will affect their performance until they realize that killing foes while Rested gets double EXP.

2. Dungeons Are Forgotten At Low Levels

Most, if not all, MMO players are aware that once they reach the endgame, the “real” raiding occurs. They may become adequately well-equipped to confront tougher difficulties with more serious Raiding parties if they farm enough Raids to earn quality gear. Newcomers to WoW TBC Classic, on the other hand, don’t have to relentlessly grind until they reach Level 60 in order to enjoy endgame Raids. In fact, many players may reap benefits from including older Raids and low-level dungeons into their leveling process.

3. Jumping To Level 50

Many players are unsure of how the game works or are overconfident, so they want to skip the tutorial and jump right into more difficult conflicts. New players study the basics and story of this fantastic game until they reach level 10, but the main game does not begin until they reach level 50. Players who want more action try to get to level 50 as quickly as possible by using level character boosters to skip the leveling process.

We appreciate that jumping to level 50 appears to be a fantastic idea, but there are some drawbacks. First and foremost, new players will have no prior knowledge of the game or its story and hence will be unprepared for it. Avoid utilizing boosters on the Allied Races if you want to see all of the benefits it may provide. Custom options are a key aspect of the game, and you’ll find it much easier to grasp them if you decide to level up gradually. If you still want to utilize the booster but aren’t sure where to look, have a look at

4. Taking An Excessive Amount Of Time To Earn Gold


Bronze, Silver, and Gold are the three currencies available in the World of Warcraft TBC Classic. Players will notice that acquiring their first Gold can take an absurd amount of time at the start. However, as they continue through the game, they are able to obtain Gold much more easily than before. Unfortunately, some players may believe they aren’t doing enough to gain Gold as quickly as possible, especially if they are attempting to achieve certain goals. Thankfully, players may make the most of their time leveling up or early in the endgame to optimize their Gold earnings.

5. Excessive Gold Spending

Even in World of Warcraft TBC Classic, money is what keeps the world spinning. Thankfully, finishing a lot of Quests and defeating higher-level creatures can also generate a lot of Gold. Naturally, when players level up, they will be tempted to spend Gold on various products at shops. Unfortunately, players may find themselves with little Gold left over after purchasing that awesome-looking blade or gear.

6. Too Much Clicking

The most obvious sign that you’re a newbie is clicking. But don’t worry; we’ve all been there. When you click spells with your mouse instead of keybindings, your reaction time is substantially slower.

Once you’ve arrived in Azeroth, the first thing you should do is map all of your spells to your keyboard (or MMO mouse). Even if it doesn’t seem like much, every little bit helps. Your recovery will be quicker. Due to greater rotation execution, your DPS will be higher. In comparison to clicking, there are no drawbacks to using keybindings.

7. No Keyboard Tuning


Using WASD, or even worse, the arrow keys indicate that you are a novice player. In reality, keyboarding PVE stuff is still a viable option. You don’t want to do it in PVP because of the fast-paced setting. It’s considerably more efficient to turn using your mouse while attacking your keyboard. It enables you to quickly adjust your character, facing opponents behind you and leaping away in an instant. The top PVPers will move their mouse, resulting in a notable difference in reaction time.

8. Asking Trade Chat For Assistance

You should not seek assistance from trade chat. Please do not inquire about gold in trade conversations. Unless you’re just seeking to have a good time, avoid trade chat altogether. When you ask a question in trade chat, you’ll almost always get jokes, insults, or false information in response.

People can be helpful at times, but in a sea of trolls, the truth can easily be lost. You’re far better off asking a specific player or, better yet, Googling for information. You’ll end up in the Barrens, fighting the Lich King for Ashbringer, if you trust trade chat too much.


Every newbie should be aware of all of the above-mentioned WoW leveling mistakes. You can get World of Warcraft boost services if you wish to perform successfully. It is preferable to recognize your errors as soon as possible rather than losing the game. You will take ample time to learn the rules and perform well in the beginning.