There are many skills that anyone can work on, and one of them is speed reading. It is a skill that can help you to read things faster, to understand them more clearly, but at the same time to easily penetrate the essence of what you are reading.

Anyone can learn this skill, that’s a fact! But despite the fact that this fact has been proven, many myths say that you cannot learn to learn speed reading, that it is impossible, and that this skill would not help you at all.

Anyone can learn speed reading, which means you can learn to read faster too! To convince you of that, today we are exposing all the myths and misconceptions that are circulating around, so let’s look at them together.

1. You can’t read too many words in a minute – false

Most people believe that few words can be read in a minute. This is one of the biggest misconceptions and myths about speed reading. In one minute, 150 to 500 words can be read on average, but much more if you practice speed reading.

That’s why it’s important to be focused, rested, committed, and learning to read words quickly will be simple.

2. You need to have a high level of intelligence to succeed at speed reading – false


A high level of intelligence is mentioned for almost every activity and skill, even speed reading. Intelligence level is irrelevant when it comes to speeding through text with comprehension and focus.

Intelligence is important in solving math problems, logic problems, and making high-stakes decisions, but not in this easily learned skill.

3. Only reading more slowly will allow you to better understand what you are reading – false

Most book lovers will agree that to understand the essence of a book and easily get into the story, you need to read quickly.

A light and slow read might just make you go back to the book a few times to understand what’s going on, so from there we can see that it’s just another myth and misconception.

4. If you want to learn better it is important to read more slowly – false

Even in the education and learning process, speed reading is said to be unnecessary, convincing us that it is important to read more slowly to learn better. But that is not so!

The faster you read the passage, the more you will understand what is being talked about in the lesson you are learning. That’s how you visualize and clarify things in your brain.

5. Reading is not learned quickly – false


The biggest myth you will ever read on the internet! Speed reading is a discipline and a skill that can be learned through specialized methods.

Some programs help people to read faster, but also easier to understand the things that are stated and written in the texts. From here we can see that this is just another inconsistency that exists in reality.

6. When reading you quickly skip over important terms – false

No, no, and no! Important terms can be skipped only if you read slowly because that’s why you lose the routine of following the words, you lose focus and you can easily take your mind away from reading or studying.

A fast pace can only help you efficiently and effectively go through the words and learn the facts that are stated in the text or understand the information that is stated.

7. The ability to read is quickly acquired at birth – false

None of us were born educated or taught any skill or habit. Everything is learned throughout life, so this technique is also learned.


There are many concepts and many ways to learn to read the texts in a fast way to better and more simply understand the things that are stated in them. For this discipline, there are programs, coaches, and schools that would help you master the technique and use it in everyday life.

8. Reading is learned quickly in the first years of education – false

In the first years of education, you can learn how to write, read and use letters. You can also learn how to make a word and a sentence.

After all, we’ve all already learned this at school, but we haven’t learned how to read quickly. At school we learn how to slowly follow the words in the text, but not how to quickly perceive and understand what is being talked about in the reading.

Has science proven this discipline to be effective?

Yes, science has given its opinion on this discipline. Science says that in this way the tempo is improved, the way of receiving information is improved, the vocabulary is enriched, but also you learn much faster than if you were to go through the text slowly.

Also, scientists say that slowly going through the words that are written in the text can only worsen the focus and take us much more time in studying or reading.

Does it matter where you study at a better pace to read?


Experts say that if you decide to learn to read quickly, you can’t do it yourself. You need to choose a program that will teach you to read fast or choose mentorship under which you will learn this skill.

This means that it is important to choose where and from whom you learn this skill. It is important to learn to fast read from someone who has experience and has mastered this technique, so try to choose the best for you when it comes to speed reading.


This skill is vital for anyone who loves books, is in the process of continuing education, or works in a job related to writing and proofreading texts. That’s why it’s important to learn to fast read. The existing programs can help you with that.

Before you start learning this skill, you need to know that all information about speed reading is mostly false, that is, it is myths and misconceptions, and we have read some of them today. So focus, invest energy, and desire and you will learn this skill very easily and simply.