Cupping therapy refers to a different form of ancient medicine. As the name suggests, the practitioner uses cups on the skin. However, the cups are not normal ones. Special cups have been used that help in creating suction when they are placed on the skin. Cupping therapy is common amongst people owing to many reasons that are mentioned as follows:

  • It helps in relieving the body from pain.
  • It helps to resolve body issues and helps in inflammation. Also, it ensures proper blood flow in the body after consistent settings and sessions.
  • If you want body relaxation and to promote your well-being, you can consider getting this therapy done.
  • Also, it functions like a deep massage for various tissues placed in different body parts.

As discussed, the therapy is incomplete without the use of special cups that can be made of the following ingredients:

  • Silicone particles and earthenware products
  • Glass and bamboo stuff

It has been enjoying a significant trend recently but has been in the game for a long time. Did you know that this therapy owes its prominence to the Egyptian, Middle Eastern, and Chinese cultures?

As a therapy, people have different ideas related to it. But, not all of them need to be true. So, it’s better to break the ice and separate the true ones from the misconceptions. Here are 7 misconceptions that people have about the therapy.

1. It Is A Painful Process


So, if you have seen some videos related to this therapy or have friends or family members that have undergone it, it will scare you at first.

The body marks because of the therapy can make you think it is a painful process. However, the reality is that the bruises are painless. Also, if you come across anyone who has experienced pain, there are chances that they have undergone therapy from a half-trained professional.

In reality, the therapy and process are simple. You should reach out to an experienced professional trained in the suction process. Also, they have accurate information about the caution and precautions needed during the therapy. But, if you cannot find the right source for cupping therapy, you can find here some experienced and trained professionals.

2. Scientific Measurements

Cupping is the game of effectiveness extended by professional experts. The idea behind this is that there is ongoing research behind the treatment, but physical modality has a higher role to play in it. Traditional syrups and medicine are proven effective if they can prove something good and bring it to the table. That’s the basics of medicine because of its mass acceptability.

Cupping is effective, and hence, it is popular in different places. People believe in the process because of the visible results after the first sitting. It works as the most significant evidence, which is why this process is in great demand amongst both youngers and elders.

3. Experience Counts


Experience is an important thing that adds quality to the services. When it comes to cupping, there is no single field that claims that it is a part of any particular field.

There is no hard and fast rule related to this treatment, but when you plan to get it done, you need a holistic and experienced professional who has done this process before.

The only thing that needs to be ensured in the process is that the professional rendering the service needs to have proper training and equipment for the same. Also, experience is an added advantage that enhances the quality of the treatment.

Once you choose the therapy provider, you can feel free to ask them questions related to their experience and the equipment that they plan to use while rendering the same to you.

4. Oh! It’s Nothing More Than A Fad

As discussed, the culture of this therapy has been more prominent in Eastern European and many parts of different Asian countries. Believe it or not, your elders might have been doing this treatment for years to treat various illnesses and pains that used to develop in different body parts. Apart from these, many Chinese households have been doing this treatment and have passed it on to the forthcoming generations.

The culture is becoming prominent in the Chinese-American household, too. They are using it for treating various body ailments and are helping their children to learn the same tricks. So, what does this prove?

It proves that this is a remedy that is not going anywhere anytime soon. With time, its prominence and use have only expanded and are widely appreciated. It can be concluded that with time, it will gain more prominence, and hence, it will be here for a long time.

5. You Don’t Need Anything Else Except This Therapy


It is an obvious fact that whenever you opt for therapy, you will think it is the only thing you need. Therapy is the one-stop solution, but it is the only thing you need.

Probably not!

Cupping is known for helping the movement of oxygen in the body and also helps with improvement in the blood flow to the body’s deep tissues. Cupping is one part of the holistic treatment that will help improve various body functions and provide a reduction in body pain followed by relief. However, if you are thinking of this as the ultimate solution, there are chances that you will have to combine it with other things. Some of the other treatments that you can consider are as follows:

  • Manual therapy
  • Stress management massage and treatment
  • Dietary changes and lifestyle alternations
  • Acupuncture and intake of herbs

However, cupping therapy is a viable and trusted solution. If you try it once, you will gain the confidence to book an appointment for the same again.


Now, when you know that these are utter misconceptions, there is no point in believing them anymore. Instead, if anyone tries to persuade you otherwise, you are in a better place to know the positives this therapy has in store for you. So, don’t stop signing up for therapy sessions that will benefit your body.