Sex is an essential part of your relationship with a woman, whether you are a married person or have a girlfriend. Various sex toys can also help you to spice up your sex life.

You may visit the website of TheHotSpot and discover a range of sex toys of various kinds for different sexual needs. Although most of the sex toys are generally meant for women as they can feel liberated by using these sex toys, there are few sex toys for men too.

Despite the popularity of these sex toys, few taboos exist for using these sex toys in the bedroom, particularly for men. People often ridicule men for using sex toys. Men are expected to be strong in bed, and they need no extra toys to increase their performance. 

Therefore, it is no surprise that most of the sex toys are focused on the needs of a woman. The basic idea is women should feel empowered by using these sex toys. Therefore, it is not surprising that you can find more varieties of sex toys, particularly for women, and only very few for men.

However, few sex toys for men like the masturbation devices were very successful for treating both premature ejaculations as well as delayed orgasm among the guys. Therefore it proves that these sex toys can also be useful for men for having better ejaculation control.

A brief history of sex toys


There were few sex toys discovered by Archaeologists, which dates back to the time when Qin Shihuangdi who was the first emperor of China, during the period around 221 B.C. A number of ancient sex toys were discovered in the same tomb that contained famed terracotta warriors.

After the electricity came into our lives, sex toys reached a new high when doctors, too started using vibrators to treat their female patients. Perhaps it may surprise you to know that the electric vibrator was invented for almost more than a decade before the electric iron or electric vacuum cleaner was invented.

It proves people were always more interested in experiencing orgasm rather than anything else. Sex toys may have a long past, but the latest technological betterments have motivated them into the digital age. Instead of the average vibrator, today the adult toys have almost everything right from smartphones to virtual reality.

Besides that, modern sex toys also help you to enjoy table-for-2 while experimenting in your bedroom. These items have turned into a couple’s sex toy.

Few new sex ideas meant for couples

Many couples in today’s time feel that there is nothing exciting left in their sex life. That old spark that they had before during the courtship has gone now. Unless you can do something new during every sexual encounter, it becomes boring, and soon the relationship problem starts.

Since you have entered into a relationship and hence to remain committed, you must be a little proactive. The following are a few things that every couple may try out.

1. Explore new positions


Most of the couples often remain stuck in one or two positions during the sex act, and down the road, it becomes a monotonous exercise, and hence it is necessary to explore few new positions. 

If you are regularly engaged in face-to-face or rear entry sex positions, then try doing it in standing or lying side by side too. Also, you can try rear entry by keeping her in a bent position over the bed, and you make entry by standing.

You can also try reverse missionary position, where you may lie on your back, and she goes on your top and thrusts her vagina straight into your penis and offer a great feeling.

Chances are there that she may not be able to continue stroking as you can do, then buy a vibrator for her, which will help her during the act.

2. Sex by keeping lights on


Most of the couples are familiar with doing sex by either switching the lights off or under dim light. 

But survey results found that when men tried to penetrate their women under full light, they had a much better erection, and that could give lots of pleasure to their female partners.

Usually, men get more excited by looking at a female figure, and if the women also do certain naughty things during the sex act, it can make him harder. As a result, both couples can get maximum enjoyment. Also, if you add certain additional sex toys meant for couples, your pleasure will be heightened even further.

3. Share your fantasies during the act


Often many couples may have their darkest secrets, which they may not like to share with their partners. Therefore, before you try this trick, both of you must reach to proper understanding otherwise, it can always backfire.

You can tell her during the act what you must have done with your past girl-friend, and in turn, she may also share the fantasies that she had with her ex. It can stimulate both, and the pleasure can be great, but remember the word of caution before you try this out.

4. Talk dirty during the sex


Although many people feel very awkward to talk dirty in a normal situation, however, talking dirty while in bed can evoke a different response to both partners, some people who are too averse to talk dirty may find it ridiculous initially. However, when they experience the result, she will automatically join the dirty sex talk.

Here the real trick is that you must be within the present moment and show all your emotions that you may be feeling and try to speak all from your heart. Do not be scared to be a little abusive to your partner and tell him what you want to do.

Often people get bored from the lovey-dovey kind of sex all the time and hence try to bring out the animal within you, and your partner will love this new experience.