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CBD oil became a part of almost every household’s medicine cabinet. People are using it to remedy common and chronic pain, or just to relax after a long day at work. CBD made a revolution a few years back when it became accessible to the public for recreational purposes and not just for medical use. Smoking marijuana is slowly fading away with cannabinoid oils taking its place. There aren’t any downsides so far, except maybe the taste of the oil.

For the CBD oil to quickly get into your bloodstream you need to keep a few drops under your tongue between 30 and 60 seconds. Some people find the earthy, grassy taste and the smell of soil in their mouths unpleasant, while others claim that the taste is unbearable, giving them a gag reflex. Exactly this taste is the sign that you have high-quality CBD oil on your hands, but some people still can’t seem to hold it for 1 minute on their sublingual glands. Fortunately, there are several ways how you can mask the taste while still keeping the effects of the oil uncompromised, and get through those 60 seconds of agony.

1. Have a snack or mints

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To soothe the taste of CBD oil, choose some snacks with strong tastes, like dark chocolate or peanut butter. Put a nib under your tongue before and after taking the oil. This will mask the heavy taste of CBD spearing you the misery. Another great snack is honey. It has a strong, sugary taste that lasts well after the oil is swallowed, and will for sure get rid of the grassy taste of the oil.
Some people prefer putting mints under their tongue before using the oil and taking a few right after. Others use chewing gums to kill the aftertaste if they can stand that 1 minute while the oil goes into effect.

2. Food and beverages

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The easiest way to wash off the taste is to have a drink handy right after you swallow the oil. You can use whatever you like, even plain water, or something sugary like soda, orange juice, and coffee. Just make sure that the liquid is room temperature, not too hot, and not too cold.

Some users found out that the best thing to take away the taste is fruit yogurt. Just add a few drops onto the full spoon of yogurt and swallow it. If even this doesn’t work, you can always add oil to your food. This is a sure way not to feel anything other than the taste of your favorite meal.

Even though these are the most efficient ways to use the oil without tasting it, there are some downsides to this type of consumption. When taken with food and drinks, the oil goes through your digestive system where the whole potential of the hemp cannot be extracted. You will feel much fewer benefits of the CBD if swallowed without giving it a chance to get into the bloodstream first. Further, it will take much longer to feel the oil working, up to an hour.

It’s not a bad choice to take it with your meal, it can’t hurt, but you won’t be able to get the full impact of the plant. If you have mild pain or are just taking the oil to relax, this might be a good way to take it. A better choice would be using the CBD oil infused with different tastes, like the ones from Lazarus Naturals, where you can choose from various fruity-tasting oils as well as vanilla or even flavorless tinctures.

Some people are using empty capsules to ingest the CBD oil without tasting it at all. Just fill them in with a couple of drops and swallow. Again, this will considerably change the effect and prolong the time until the compounds in the oil go into work.

3. Brush your teeth and hold your nose technic

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Do you know how your orange juice in the morning tastes differently when you drink it right after you brushed? That’s because the toothpaste has several ingredients that are able to numb half of your tastebuds temporarily. Try using this strategy when taking CBD oil. Brush, then put a few drops under your tongue right after for a minute and swallow.

You won’t feel as much of that hempy taste as you usually would.
The old trick of holding your nose also might work. When you disable your sense of smell, your sense of taste also weakens significantly. So, give it a try, hold your nose until you swallow the CBD oil.

Others are trying to breathe only through their nose while keeping their mouths tightly shut. This way, you will be tasting the oil but with less potency. The air you breathe in won’t go over the oil in your mouth so it won’t pick up on the horrid taste. It would be great if you can pull this since you won’t be digesting it and you’ll be able to feel the perks in a matter of minutes instead of hours.

Changing the brand might help also since sometimes different makers have various ways of producing hemp oil. Maybe some others will be more bearable or try CBD gummies. Still, keep in mind that they are edibles too, so you won’t feel the full benefits of the oil.

Everyone agrees about the positive effects of CBD oil and choose to use it daily regardless of the taste. Masking the taste might be useful in the beginning, and some methods won’t have an influence on the active ingredients, but the best way to keep the compounds complete is to simply get used to that grassy taste. Over time, you will stop noticing the taste since your tastebuds will be accustomed to the hemp oil. Try it, push yourself a bit. Nothing major will happen if you keep the bad taste in your mouth for a minute or so. In time you will be able to tolerate it with ease.