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Having a pet is a huge responsibility, one that requires patience, care, and time. While there are pets that are low-maintenance and just need you to put some food out for them. However, having a dog is a completely different story. A dog is an active pet that will not sit around by your feet all day but instead wants to play, move around, and be active. If your dog is inactive or lazy, then there’s probably something wrong with their diet. To help maintain your dog’s health, here’s how to keep your dog active all day.


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One of the main factors that can affect a dog’s activity level is the amount and type of food they’re eating. The dog lovers at give constant advice to dog owners on how to keep their dogs happy. With activity being one of the most important factors to help with your dog’s mood, you need to ensure that your furry friend is getting the right nutrition. If your dog is acting super lazy or barely has the energy to move around, then be sure that they’re probably over-eating.

Check with your vet the amount of food your breed should be getting according to their age. For some dogs, eating dry food all the time can cause stomach and digestion problems also making them very inactive, but experimenting with different types of food and portions as well as monitoring your dog’s activity level will give you a better idea on what they should be eating.

Play Games Indoors

It’s most likely that you won’t be able to keep your dog out and about all day. Those long hours indoors can start to get to your dog and either lead it to make a huge mess out of the place or feeling down and lazy. To avoid that and keep your little pup active even when you’re at home, you can play games together such as find the treat. You can start by playing sniffing games that your dog will enjoy.

To explain the idea, you can hide a few treats and let your dog see you hide them the first time around. After giving them a cue to fetch them and praising them every time they find one, your dog will get the idea. You can then start making the game more challenging and keep them in a separate room while you hide treats or other objects, keeping them active, busy, and developing their sniffing skills while staying at home.


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It’s important to add a daily routine for your dog such as going for a walk at the beginning and end of the day. While this is essential for them to stretch their legs and also to go for a poop outdoors, sometimes your dog will need a bit more activity in their daily lives, as it can really have a positive impact on their health and mood. Instead of just going for a quick walk or have them sniff around the soil during your outdoor time, try and include an exercise that will get them a bit more active.

This could be going for a run and having your dog tag along by your side, keeping up with your pace. Playing a game of fetch where you throw a ball or frisbee and they fetch and bring back to you, or even just running around and playing with other dogs at the park.

Teach Your Dog to Clean Up After Themselves

Instead of having your dog make a huge mess with their toys and having to clean up after them every single time, why not teach your dog to put their toys back where they belong? This isn’t just a great way to keep them occupied and active, but will also help stimulate and develop their mental abilities, boost their self-confidence, and allow them to stay busy for longer periods. Don’t forget to reward them with a treat as well, praising them every time they manage to put a toy back in its place until they get the hang of it and understand what the fuss is all about.

Hire a Dog Walker or Sitter

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If you feel your dog is still not getting enough activity within their day and you’re too busy to take them out yourself, then maybe it’s time to consider a dog sitter or dog walker. This could be a great way to help your dog interact with other puppies and become a bit more sociable, active, and have a lot more fun within their day. It’s also a great way to ensure that your dog is getting the required activity level each day without having to wait until you get home from work or only when you manage to free some time for them. Being outdoors with other dogs will do your furry pet a whole lot of good and will also help them learn new skills.

Visit a Dog Pool

Every once in a while, you can do something different with your dog to help guarantee that they’re happy and in a pleasant mood. This could be visiting a dog pool, hitting the nearest lake or beach, and allowing your pet to go for a swim. Swimming is an excellent form of cardio that is extremely beneficial as an exercise routine and will also help lift their mood as most dogs tend to love the water. During the winter, you might even be able to find a heated-dog pool to prevent your furry companion from getting too cold. It will be a great change as well as an excellent form of exercise to keep their body active during the cold, winter months.

Ensuring a dog’s safety, care, and the mood is your ultimate goal as their caretaker. One of the most essential things you need to keep an eye on is keeping your dog active and ensuring they get to go out regularly and moving their furry paws around. With these ideas, you’ll be able to keep your dog active even if you’re stuck at home.