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It is said that every person will move at least three times in their life. The whole process can be extremely long, painful, and stressful, but the good news is, there are things you can do to make the moving day better for you. Follow our list of tips on how to get things done faster, and with the right plan and agenda, you will realize that it can be a lot better than you thought it is going to be.

1. Make a plan

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The first advice we have for you is that you need to start with a plan. When the moving day is here, you probably have just a few things left to do, except getting those boxes from one place to another. If you haven’t labeled things, label them, and think about what you want to get done first. Don’t forget that you need a special box with essentials that you can use right away in the new place before you unpack everything.

2. Accept the stress

Today is going to be stressful, so don’t expect things to go perfectly. Chances are, some things will get broken, while others will get moved the last when you need them first. It is not going to be a fun and relaxing day, but it is going to pass.

So, accept the stress and try to go through it as fast as you can. Give yourself time to process things, and move on with the next step of the plan.

3. Take breaks

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Brakes are crucial and know that you cannot be standing and running around for hours. This is going to affect your overall health, so you need to take the much-needed breaks. We are not talking about hours and hours of just sitting down, but you should sit down and rest for at least 5 to 10 minutes every hour.

You also must stay hydrated, so don’t forget to drink water. We often forget to eat when we need to move, and if you don’t eat, you risk fainting or getting nauseated. So, prepare at least a sandwich or two the night before, and have them ready for you to grab a bite when your blood sugar drops.

4. Ask for help

Yes, you can do everything on your own, and you don’t need help to get things done, but it is going to be a lot faster and easier if you ask for help. Your friends and family members can help you out a lot, and when there are at least two people taking care of things, everything will get done in a few hours instead of the whole day.

When you ask for help, make sure you have a plan and exact tasks for who has to do what. For example, one person can go with the moving truck, another one can label the boxes, the third one can pack the rest of the things, and so on. Create a plan, and let everyone know what their task is.

5. Hire a service

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To get things done on time, and to take a lot of the stress away, you should hire a professional moving service. According to Matco Moving, the team can help you with every part of the process, including lifting the boxes, placing them in the truck, and getting them to the new location.

When you rely on professionals, you will know that things will get done without any issues. You won’t have to worry about hurting your back when trying to lift heavy things, you won’t have to worry about getting everything done on time, on the same day, and you won’t have to worry about anything breaking. Choose a reliable service that will be there for you when you need them.

6. Get enough rest

You cannot finish anything if you don’t get enough rest, so the best way to handle the situation is to get enough sleep the day before. Things will not get done if you are easily upset, annoyed, or if you are sleep deprived.

Try to sleep for at least 7 hours the night before, and know that it is better to wake up an hour or two early than to stay up an hour or two later. Get a nice cup of tea before bed, try to relax, and trust yourself that everything will get done according to plan.

7. Stay organized

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There will be moments when you will want to ditch the initial plan and start doing everything at once. You should never do this, and if you do, you will just create chaos, and you won’t know what is the next step. Spend some time thinking about the plan before the moving day comes, and if needed, have a back-up plan. One thing that you should never do is work your way around the chaos, especially if you have people helping you.

Creating a time-table can also help a lot, so you can include the time in the original organization. That way, you can plan for small and bigger breaks, and you can plan your tasks around the moving company. Professionals such as H2H Move can help you with this.

8. One small thing at a time

The last way you can make this whole process less stressful is to focus on one small thing at a time. Yes, when you look at the whole place, it probably looks like a mess, and when you try to do everything at once, you are going to create even bigger chaos. So, today you need to forget about multitasking ad working in several rooms at once, and just focus on one project at a time.

Label the boxes that need to go out first, and put them near the entrance of the room. Put the box that needs to go with you in your car and forget about it. Plan for meals, and take breaks. Have things like scissors and tape close to you at all times and don’t forget about the marker. Pay attention to your phone because it might get lost in between things.

This day does not have to be as stressful as most people think it is going to be. Things will get done, and you will finish earlier than you’ve planned. Use all the help you can get, affordable movers, and remember that it is cheaper to hire a company to help you with the move than to pay for gas for going from one place to another over and over again. Plan smart, have patience and your moving day will pass in an instant.