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There is no better feeling than winning some amazing prize with the investment of only a few dollars. There are many land-based and online casinos, along with bookmakers, where you can bet on various games and events, or gamble on poker, roulette, blackjack, slot machines, or any other game. Many of these games require patience, like with slot machines, where you can spend several hours of spinning and trying to connect all those symbols. Also, there are games where you need some skills besides luck, like poker.

However, for people who are not so interested in going to some casino, or depositing their money on some online gambling platform, the best way to try out how lucky they are, would be to buy a lottery ticket. There are many popular lotteries, with prizes of a few million dollars, or, in some cases, the main prize can be bigger than 1 billion, like Powerball. Also, you can use the Lottoland platform, where you can easily find any international lottery where you can participate and try out your luck.

Some of the most attractive lotteries in UK are Euro Millions, Lotto Jackpot, Set for Life, Powerball, Irish Lotto, and many more. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the seven best reasons why Lotto betting is so popular in the United Kingdom.

1. Wider Choice of Lotteries

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When you are playing a standard lottery, where you have to buy a ticket and wait for the results, you can just play the official lotteries from your country. For example, Powerball is only for US citizens. However, with a platform for betting on the lottery results, you can choose any lottery, and create a system of numbers you prefer. For example, if you play a system of three numbers, you can win around 700 dollars with a 10 dollars’ stake.

2. Higher Flexibility

With traditional lotto, you will have to wait for results, and draws are usually held once or twice a week. When you choose to bet on some lotto, you can do it more frequently, since numerous lotto companies have their draws in different time. When you combine several lotteries, you will have big chance to win.

3. Big Prizes

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Most of lotteries are offering you a chance to win some amazing amount of money. However, there are some with outstanding main prizes, like Euro Millions, where the average jackpot prize is around 60 million Euros, while the biggest ever was over 500 million. The biggest ever prize on some lottery was more than 1.5 billion dollars on US Powerball.

However, the chances for the main prizes are very low, with minor percentage, but there are also many ways to win some smaller prizes. There are systems and methods where you can win a cashback with three numbers, while 5 numbers are already a decent win, which is around 20,000 Euros on average, but it could be increased if you hit a lucky star, and you will then get more than 200,000 Euros.

Another example is UK Lotto, where you get around 1700 pounds for 5 numbers, but if you get an extra ball, your prize will be 1 million. Hitting 4 numbers will get you 140 pounds. Also, this lottery will get you a free ticket for next draw when you hit 2 numbers.

4. You Can Play It on Your Mobile

With an app like Lottoland, you can check all the results from your smartphone, without the need to sit in front of the TV and wait for your numbers to be drawn, like with traditional lottery systems. With an online platform or an app, you can easily follow results on various lotteries and gamble on your numbers online.

5. You Can Choose the Amount of Bet

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Every lottery has its price for a ticket, and ones with the more expensive ticket are usually offering much bigger prizes. For example, betting on a Euro Jackpot costs 4 dollars, and the main price is over 150 million while paying 1 dollar on Multi Keno could win your 100,000. Many bookkeepers will let you bet with 10 or 50 cents, which is great for people who don`t want to spend too much money on the lottery. Also, you can combine several lotteries, and play on lower stakes with increased chances for a win.

6. It is Simple to Bet on Lotto

There are only a few steps required before you start choosing your favorite combination of numbers. All you need to do is to download some lotto bookmaker app, register, and deposit some funds there. In most cases, you will be ready to play within a few minutes. There are also many other features like a calculator for odds and Hot Numbers Chart, where you can see the history of previous draws, and what are the chances for any number to be drawn in the next series.

Besides all these big lotto companies, there are many Keno and Lucky 6 games, which gives you the ability to try out your luck every 5 or 10 minutes. The prizes are smaller here, but you will still have a chance for some amazing prize if you are lucky enough. Also, this kind of game is providing you with the ability to gamble on only 1, 2 or numbers, which will decrease the percentage of the win, but your chance for a win is much greater.

7. A Lot of Cashbacks and Free Tickets

Many lotteries are offering cashback or a free ticket to many players. For example, a lot of lotteries are giving you a cashback or the prize in the same amount of one lottery ticket if you hit 2 numbers. Also, some lotto betting bookmakers are giving free deposits, and in case of a win, you can use that amount for other games. There are also other promotions, where you can get several tickets for a lower price. For example, you can buy 6 tickets for Powerball for around 20 dollars, or paying the price of 1 ticket for three on Millionaire Jackpot, and many more.