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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but pearls are her true love. They never go out of style because they’re classic and, depending on how you wear them, they can give you a modern look and will certainly make you stand out in a crowd. Some are very expensive and were a symbol status of wealth, class and nobility over the centuries.

Nowadays, other types are made more available to the public. Though some types might not always have the same value as diamonds or gold, they have a different kind of value and one that is more cherished. You would know that if your grandmother or mother has passed down her pearl earrings, necklace or any other piece of jewelry to you; it’s the type of value that isn’t defined by money.

How Pearls Are Made

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Unlike other gems, pearls are the only ones that come from the sea. It’s a unique process that happens to oysters and other mollusks. These creatures have a very soft inside and are easily injured when anything small drifts into them such as a small shell piece or tiny pieces of rock. When one of these irritants enters the oyster, it produces a white, substance called nacre. The oyster uses the nacre to insulate its inside. It wraps the irritant in that substance produced and rolls it around over and over again. The substance coupled with the inside irritant and the rolling action creates the pearl.

This process is a completely natural one. Understanding the process helps you understand why they come in a variety of different shapes and colors. Many people are only familiar with the white or off-white, rounded pearl, but there are many other types that are of irregular shape, different size, different surface quality and overtone, and colors ranging from white to pink to gold to black, among other colors. All of these factors affect the price of them.


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Natural Pearls

These ones come about from the natural process we just talked about. This makes them rare, and rare always means expensive. It can take around 100,000 oysters just to make one strand of pearls.

Cultured Pearls

They are also made from oysters, but they get a helping hand from humans. The main difference is that the irritant doesn’t enter the oyster naturally; it’s placed in it. The two types are saltwater or freshwater pearls. Most of them on the market are cultured ones.

As the size of it increases, so does its price. There’s no denying they make a lovely gift for the woman in your life, or a gift for yourself when you want to indulge yourself in luxury. You can visit this URL and immerse yourself with the variety of choices. With everything they have to offer, you are bound to find the perfect match for your loved one’s style and preference. Maybe your taste will lead you to the Japanese Akoya pearl; the classic white pearl which is a favorite for all types of women regardless of their style. Or maybe you prefer the Tahitian black one, which is cultivated in the French Polynesia Islands around Tahiti. The black one will glamorize any outfit you pair it up with. And some women prefer the natural pastel color of freshwater pearls.

How To Know The Real Deal

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It’s not easy to spot a real pearl, but here are some tips that will help you.

  • Match: If buying a strand of pearls, they should all match in color, luster, and shape.
  • Thickness: Check the surface thickness of it. This surface thickness is of the nacre, and the thicker the better.
  • Luster: It’s the luster of the pearl that makes it striking. Again, the thicker the nacre the more luster it will have.
  • Shape: Pearls that are not perfectly round tend to be less expensive. If you roll it on a table, and it rolls smoothly, that’s a good sign.
  • Blemishes: Low-end pearls will have blemishes that appear like bumps.
  • Tooth-test: if you rub a pearl on the front of your tooth, it should feel gritty. Don’t use the edge of your tooth or you’ll ruin it!

How To Wear Pearls For A Stunning Look!

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The lovely thing about these silky-coated gems is that they suit any occasion. When you’re dressed down, they add a touch of elegance, pulling together a unique look. When you’re dressed up, they just add more beauty in a way that flatters any woman.

Here are some ways to wear your lustrous pearls.

Minimalist Look

For the woman who wants a sleek, minimalist look, she can’t go wrong with a one-strand simple look, or a pendant, or stud earrings. This pearl makes a quiet statement, especially when you pair it up with a solid-color outfit. A minimalist look is perfect for the office or for when you’re just running an errand.

Practical Look

Women work in every industry. Sometimes the nature of their work or industry doesn’t allow them to look as pretty as they might want to. When your wardrobe is always a practical one, you can add a little bit of prettiness with pearls. If your hair is always up, teardrop-shaped, earrings will frame your face in a nicer way. If you’re always stuck in a suit or a blazer for work, a strand will perk up the look. Just make sure it’s not too long.

Edgy Look

Since they come in so many colors, textures, and shapes, a layered look of different pearls of different lengths is bound to turn some heads. If white pearls feel too outdated for you, go for any of the other colors. A multitude of layered colors and shapes make a dramatic statement. Going three strands on a choker style is also a smashing way to show it off!

Wedding Look

You don’t have to get married to them into your hair which will give a bright new look to plain old braids or boring ponytails. Have a look at pearl-beaded headbands or hair clips for more exciting hairstyles.

They can make you feel classy, chic, and beautiful; they’re the best of all worlds! Thanks to the way cultured pearls are made, all of us can afford this little piece of luxury. Whether you’re scuffed up in jeans or elegantly wearing your little black dress, you can find ones that fit your outfit, your mood, and the occasion.