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Every so often, we will treat ourselves to a few of life’s self-indulgences, such as purchasing a product we love or have been wanting. However, seeing as the markets are flooded by a great many products, picking one can be difficult. That is where product review sites come in. Apart from the unprocessed pleasure they provide, they can also teach you a lot about a product and steer you in the right direction. That said, if you are looking for lesser-known product review sites that provide quality ones,

Here are some you should visit:

1. VBestReviews

VBestReviews is perhaps one of the lesser-known product review sites that you should visit. The site offers a wide array of different and bizarre product reviews, such as swimming pool cover, foot, and leg massage reviews, and more. They do not provide a score but instead inform readers on the features of a product and its uses. The product review advisors over at stress the importance of providing a thoroughly researched and informative review, all while remaining unbiased. This allows customers to remain uninfluenced, but more importantly, it helps them easily make up their mind without needing to go through an unnecessarily long review.

VBestReviews strives to provide quality and updated reviews to their readers with consistency. Generally, their website focuses on three main categories, consisting of health tips, entertainment articles and products. Mainly, the inspiration behind their seemingly bizarre product reviews is driven for the purpose of bringing great and new suggestions to their readers. Moreover, their sensibility towards readers is next to ideal, as they regularly emphasize caution to their readers, since poor purchases can lead to a dissatisfaction and waste of money.

Additionally, VBestReviews always make sure to carefully hand-pick their products, which are selected based on customer experiences, price, and brand. As for their health tips, they make sure to include them because they believe it is important for their users to live well, next to selecting quality products. Moreover, VBestReviews always seeks their user’s satisfaction, and it is for this reason they invite users to share feedback and comments, as to enhance the already existing quality they provide.

2. Testfreaks

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Launched in 20017, Testfreaks is a Swedish product review site that focuses on collecting data from all over the web. Their main activity concerns aggregating the ratings and reviews found from almost 15,000 sources, then generates an overall score through their very own algorithm. Due to the system, they have developed, Testfreaks manages to get the ratings subsumed with the review, creating a single feature to serve both purposes. This helps many businesses around the world, which has earned them many heavy-hitting clients, like HP and Pricerunner.

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The review site uses a scoring system known as the “FreakScore”, which combines user and expert experiences. Their score is built with four factors kept in mind and they are:


Testfreaks prioritizes trusted, high-quality reviews, and gives them higher importance.


Based on the votes a product receives, Testfreaks will deem certain information more reliable than others. Thus, reliable information gives more importance.


Expert reviews generally carry more weight, and as such, they are prioritized over reviews submitted by general users.


Testfreaks does not overlook the life expectancy of a product and adjusts its “FreakScore” with the product’s age in mind. These results are gathered by comparing a product’s age with its expected life cycle.

3. The Wirecutter

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The Wirecutter was launched in 2011 and is owned by the New York Times Company. This review site is known to curate a specific list of products that they declared to be the most beneficial to an average consumer. Moreover, authenticity is not lost on The Wirecutter, as they submit their reviews based on countless interviews, reporting, and testing carried out by writers, researchers, and scientists.

The Wirecutter does not maintain a specific scoring formula, but instead, they grant writers some freedom to persuade readers of the product’s efficacy. This is illustrated in the template found at the end of every review, where the writer addresses the different categories, which include, “Why you should trust us”, and more. Essentially, it is a section where the reviewer gives their own review of the product, which can either reinstate a few facts or nullify them.

4. Consumer Reports

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Perhaps one of the more senior product review sites, Consumer Reports was launched in 1936. The site’s location is based in Yonkers, New York, and has long been regarded by readers as the premium standard for reviews. Before its online presence, the company published its own magazine, which they remain publishing today. Additionally, to enhance the product reviewing experience, Consumer Reports has its own, educational and consumer product testing center, which, apart from being the largest in the world, is also a non-profit. This all adds to the credibility of its reviews.

In order to gain the most accurate results possible, the Consumer Reports have hired researchers, analysts, and scientists in their testing facilities. The findings are then published by the editorial staff, which gives an accuracy alongside other considerable merits. Their only goal is to educate readers on the product. However, they do impose a membership fee, which can deter many buyers. Still, due to its quintessential qualities, it is well suited for serious buyers and corporations.

5. Healthy Top 10’s

Focusing on health, makeup, and beauty, this product review site was founded by a group of women led by the American television host, Samantha Brown. Despite the website being relatively young, they have managed to cover a lot of things, and, according to Samantha, “it is only getting started”.  Health Top 10’s are ideal not only to those looking for health products, but also at providing general life hacks.

All in all, visiting any one of these sites will depend on your needs and what you are looking for. Nevertheless, they should all be visited, as they all provide buyers with comprehensive reviews and quality ratings. Typically, a health enthusiast will turn into a health-dedicated review site, such as the notable Health Top 10’s. However, everyday consumers may prefer to review sites committed to delivering a list of the best bizarre products on the market.