LinkedIn automaton is using tools to share link requests automatically and follow-up texts, among other tasks you would have done manually on the platform. The tools have numerous proven advantages, including;

  • Saving time
  • Personalization
  • Automatic report generation

However, some tools miss some critical features necessary for smooth operation. In this article, we are going to discuss three of the best Automation tools available this year. Let us get straight into it.

1. LinkedIn Helper


It is the best automation software existing in the market today. LinkedIn helper is an application and a Chrome extension that automates several functions in the LinkedIn application including;

  • Inviting individuals to connect
  • Generation of auto-response texts for new connections
  • Texting first connections
  • Profile tracking and visits
  • Deletion of tag or tags
  • And many more

The LinkedIn helper is an automation tool that helps marketers boost their market shares and many businesses increase customer density. Here are a few features that you can enjoy when using LinkedIn helper:

Advanced Limits

The feature ensures better management of your action credit. As a result, you can manage your credits effectively, ensuring you do not arrive at your limit cap without achieving your daily goals. You can find the feature under the Limits tab.

Override Platform

The override platform feature enables you to obtain profiles of customers from the Sales navigator platform while managing them through a regular account that lacks premium or paid subscriptions.

Replies Checking

The feature will perform constant checks on your message history section. Regarding account-based marketing; LinkedIn helper offers more value than most of its competitors in the marketing field.

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator


The most prevalent question that pops up in account users’ minds is if it is worth investing in LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Let’s find out. The tool has two dominant features;

Cutting-edge lead and firm search

With this feature, you can find the perfect individuals and firms with a search experience that provides more forecasts.

Lead references

Using this feature, the tool can help you locate the right people conveying recommendations that are tailored specifically for you. If you want to use advanced features, then this tool will be ideal for you. We highly recommend using this tool only if you are familiar with a LinkedIn account. Combining this tool with other tools, such as Expandi, delivers outstanding results.

You should note that this tool is substantially more expensive than the LinkedIn helper tool.

3. Phantombuster


It is an automation and data abstraction tool that is code-free and aids businesses and firms come up with leads, identifying audiences, and automating progression. Currently, the tool operates with a few platforms like Sales Navigator, and Google channels. Some of the stand-out features offered by Phantombuster are named below;

Network booster

This feature allows you to invite several users on the platform automatically. Furthermore, it also enables connection among those users.

Profile scraper

This feature collects all kinds of data from a list of users on the website.

Linked message sender

This feature enables you to send customized texts to your connections automatically. The Phantombuster tool can be used along with other automation tools. Better results can be obtained when used alongside the LinkedIn helper automation tool.

4. Expandi


Expandi is the most secure automation tool. You can let it run twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week on your computer. Furthermore, it is relatively easy to set it up. Below is a list of features of Expandi:


Installing webhooks allows you to connect with many sales and marketing tools. It is even possible to add Zapier to the mix. This mixture creates a dominant Omni-channel progression hack with hyperactive customization.

Smart inbox

Inbox management directly from LinkedIn is quite challenging. Messages can get lost while managing them natively on the platform. In addition, you have only a few filters at your disposal. These shortcomings mean it’s a nightmare to own two or three accounts. Expands smart inbox improves customer engagement while ensuring no chat conversation is lost.


Expandi is very cautious about your safety. For this reason, Expandi ensures that you are assigned a local IP address while using it. The Expandi tool is engineered for owners of agencies, individuals with several LinkedIn accounts, and hackers. The device is priced at $99/seat per month and offers a free seven-day trial.

5. Dux-Soup


It is a great automation tool for your social account. Dux-Soup allows you to easily find leads. The tool simplifies communication with your prospective customers. It helps to customize your messages to fit clients’ description. Plus, your messages will seem human-like as you can add images. Other excellent features of Dux-Soup are:

Activity automation

The site lets you check out potential customers’ profiles. You can also track their Linked activities and behaviors. Viewing their profiles lets you know all about the clients and drop tags based on what you observed. These tags will be helpful when crafting messages for your leads.

Ease of use

Dux-Soup is relatively easy to navigate and has friendly customer representatives. They quickly respond whenever you contact them and help resolve your issue. Moreover, you can choose the ideal language from the nine language options available on the site.

Prospect Management

Another great feature of Dux-Soup is that you can track the most important profiles and upload them to your priority list for targeted sales campaigns. In addition, the tool lets you upload the tagged profiles on your CRM, increasing your lead generation capacity.

6. Zopto


Zopto is another LinkedIn lead-generating tool. Its integration with the site is seamless, and customizing your target clients is easy. Zopto also lets you filter contacts and find the most relevant ones. Although its initial setup can be tricky, its interface offers easy navigation.


There are a plethora of automation tools with different features. However, the LinkedIn helper is the best tool today. It makes marketing easier compared to most automation software available today. You can click here to learn about the tool and its outstanding features.