Are you ready to get your sea legs and see the open ocean with a newfound sense of maritime confidence?

Taking the Level 2 Powerboat Training Course is the perfect way to open that door, so grab your life vest, and let’s kick off this journey!

Understanding the Level 2 Powerboat Training Course

The Level 2 Powerboat training course is designed to equip powerboaters with the knowledge and skills necessary to handle a boat safely and responsibly on inland waterways under motor or sail.

The course covers topics such as powerboat design and construction, boat handling, safety equipment, rules of the road, weather theory, navigation theory, and communications aboard a boat. As such, it is important that participants possess both theoretical knowledge and practical experience related to powerboating prior to enrolling in this course.

Practicing Maneuvering and Boat Handling


Maneuvering and boat handling techniques are essential to commanding a powerboat safely and confidently. During the Level 2 Powerboat Training Course, it is important to practice proper boat handling before attempting more advanced maneuvers. This involves learning how to control the vessel through settings on the throttle and trim tabs, as well as playing with its weight distribution and acceleration.

To understand boat maneuvering, be prepared to practice:

  • Taking turns
  • Backing up
  • Slow speed maneuvers
  • Figure-eights
  • Staying in the station (staying in one place)
  • Pivot turns
  • Fleeting (using another vessel or objects in the water for stabilization)
  • Slack between buoys or points of interest
  • Docking technique

Becoming Familiar With Navigation Rules

Navigation is an essential part of boating, and knowledge of basic rules is going to be important when participating in a Level 2 powerboat training course. In accordance with the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS), it is important to remember that the “give way” vessel refers to the one that must maneuver or alter course in order to pass without risk of collisions. Any claim as to right-of-way requires proof as visual sighting will not be accepted.

Preparing for the Final Exam


The final exam is the final hurdle for those taking the Level 2 Powerboat Training Course. Passing this critical evaluation will provide you with the skills to use powerboats safely and confidently.

It is important to prepare thoroughly for the exam so that you can pass it the first time. Here are a few tips that can help ensure your success:

  • Read through the course syllabus – understand each lesson and familiarize yourself with all key points and terminology
  • Practice using a powerboat while strictly adhering to safety protocols
  • Review any safety checklists related to your particular vessel
  • Re-watch any tutorial videos supplied by the instructor
  • Research any outside resources related to particular topics of interest
  • Ask questions if there’s anything you do not understand or are uncertain about
  • Familiarize yourself with examination techniques and expectations by studying past exams from other candidates
  • Always keep calm during the test, even if something interrupts you or a question is difficult

By following these tips, you will be able to complete your training in no time!