Sex! Sex is a sexual act that often takes place between a man and a woman. The act usually involves vaginal penetration, anal sex, foreplay, kissing or any other form of intimacy. It has often been seen that a lot of men experience an easy time to reach an orgasm than his woman. It happens as a result of premature ejaculation which can let your partner remain unsatisfied. Premature ejaculation or not to last longer on bed can keep your girl unsatisfied even when the sex act is finished.

Premature ejaculation is something that can be embarrassing or disappointing for both the partners and can ruin the entire sex act taking place between a couple. It has been seen that a lot of men are searching on the internet looking for ways or tips to last longer during sex. These tips can really be helpful to a man up to a considerable extent. No one would surely want to let her girl remain unsatisfied while love making or having sex. The main aim should be to last longer on bed and enjoy this beautiful moment together for a long period of time.

Condoms also play an important role in making sex last long. It can also help in enhancing the sensation and the excitement level altogether. You can fulfill your partner’s desires with these ribbed and studded condoms from which will certainly impart an enjoyable experience to you and your girl and thereby spice up your sex life. Now, let us have a look at 8 powerful tips to last long during sex:-

1. Start with foreplay, penetration is not everything


To make your sex act last long start things slowly. Going slowly can enhance your excitement level and can assist you last long during sex. Always remember that sex is not all about penetration. Penetration is inevitable but not everything. Penetration is not just penis-in-vagina or penis-in-anus it is more than that.

There are plenty of other things to do which involves thrusting, fingering, oral sex, kissing, cuddling and touching each other sexual organs etc. So, restrict yourself to directly jumping on penetration as it will certainly assist you last longer on bed.

2. Choose different and different sex positions that can help you last longer

This is yet another powerful tip that will certainly help you last longer during love making. Try to avoid super positions such as doggy style that let you go deep inside as these positions give too much stimulation. This stimulation further makes you cum early and spoils the entire love making act. Try using positions that allow only shallow penetration or very less in-out penetration.

3. Use of condoms


Having sex without condoms can be really exciting and stimulating. But, getting into love making acts with your partner without condoms can reduce your time of having sex and let you ejaculate early. Using studded and ribbed condoms can provide you an everlasting enjoyable experience and make your last longer during sex. So, use of condoms while having sex is always suggested. It will also help your girl and keep her free with unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

4. Masturbate before having actual sex

This is yet another powerful tip to let you engage in sex for a long period of time. If you masturbate before getting into a sex act with your partner, it will take a little bit of time to recharge again and be ready for an actual sexual experience with your partner. It will further increase the sex time with your partner, thus it can be the best and yet another powerful tip to last longer.

5. Get in to pelvic floor exercises


Try to do pelvic floor exercises which can strengthen your pelvic muscles. These exercises can really assist in delaying your ejaculation time or you can get rid of your problem of premature ejaculation. These are kegel exercises which help in training your pubococcygeal (PC) muscles which further restrict you to cum early than the actual time.

6. Try delaying your orgasm

Delaying your orgasm during sex can be one of the best ways to let you last longer on bed with your partner. This is commonly known as edging. This is a best technique to delay your orgasm and prevent yourself from premature ejaculation.

Once you prevent yourself from premature ejaculation and get your excitement level under control, you can resume your sexual activity which ultimately leads to last longer on bed and have a pleasurable experience with your better half. Edging leads to bring a halt on that point where you could find yourself no more interested in sex but it can delay your orgasm for sure.

7. Consult with your doctor about medication


There can be some antidepressants and drugs that can really assist you delay your premature ejaculation and last longer in bed. But these medications can adversely affect your health unless prescribed by an experienced doctor. It usually depends on how active your sexual life is, you can either take these medications daily or just before your sex session.

8. Squeezing of penis

This is yet another powerful tip that can help you last long during your sex session. Squeezing the base of your penis helps in delaying ejaculation. This can be easily done using hands or via cock ring. Try giving your penis a hard grip so as to delay your orgasm during sex. Don’t let yourself ejaculate early as it can immediately bring a halt to your sexual activity full of pleasure and enjoyment.

To conclude

So, these are some of the most powerful tips with the help of which you can last long during sex. Make sure you use the best quality ribbed/ studded condoms and explore new and new shallow positions to make sex last long and a pleasurable one. Always remember to use positions that have less stimulation. Less stimulation leads to delay in ejaculation which further leads to last long during sex.