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We all want to look beautiful, and body hair is often causing a lot of problems, no matter if you are a boy or girl. Many people really suffer because of their body hair, so they are looking for effective removal. Excess hair causes a lot of self-confidence issues, especially when it occurs on our face, hands, stomach line, or every other visible part of our body that we can’t cover with clothes until we find a proper solution.

But, first, let’s take a look at the reasons for excessive hair growth:


This is a very common condition with the women who have facial hairs, similar to male beards and mustaches. Often, this condition is related to hormonal problems, breast cancer and therapy, medications, and genetics. If you suffer from hirsutism, you need to schedule a doctor’s appointment, because waxing or any other type of hair removal will fix the problem just temporarily. You need to find what’s causing it, so you can take your therapy, and then proceed to hair removal.

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This condition can also be caused by medications, hormones, genetics, and metabolic problems. It’s causing excessive growth on the face, arms, or even small patches on our skin, which is usually not affected by the hairs. Many people try to shave these hairs, but that’s not the best solution.

One of the most popular hairs removal methods is the laser, which guarantees long term results, without having to wax every few weeks.

Many people don’t like shaving or waxing and they are looking for more lasting solutions. Laser removal is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic interventions for both men and women.

How is laser hair removal better than other methods?

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Lasers are using highly concentrated light that treats the follicles. As the hair absorbs it, the lasers are destroying the roots, without affecting the skin. Lasers can treat bigger skin areas at the same time with great precision. Most of the patients have exceptional results just after three or five treatments. It can also be performed on the face, without any risk of skin discoloration.

According to SeaMist Medspa, lasers give the best results to people with light skin, but dark hairs. For those who have darker skin tones, the treatment needs to be done more carefully, because the pigments absorb the light, resulting in pale traces. There are also special types of lasers for those who have darker skin tones. But, on the opposite, light-haired people need to repeat the treatment more times until they see some results.

What are the benefits of laser hair removal method?

This is an expensive treatment, so it’s expected that the results are long-lasting and harmless, but also beneficial for the client.

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1. No side effects

Laser treatment offers a highly-efficient hair removal procedure with minor or no side effects. You only need to wear sunscreen as long as it’s required, so you can avoid UV damages. Rarely, some patients report redness or itching, but as we said, it’s not common.

2. It’s budget-friendly

This is maybe weird to hear but do the math. You are paying once for the whole treatment and in the next decade, you won’t need to spend money on waxing, razors, depilatory creams and lotions, and every other type of hair removal. It’s understandable to question yourself if it’s worth the money, but if you are eligible for this type of treatment, you will have great results, and the shaving and waxing will stay in the past.

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3. No problems with ingrown hair

We all know the struggle. Few moments after the shaving or waxing your skin is nice and smooth, but the next day there is a huge red spot that is very painful. That’s a sign of ingrown hair, and sure the feeling is not well. With the lasers, you won’t have that problem. Also, if it happens that some hair is missed, you can repeat the procedure without having to wait to grow longer, as you need for waxing.

4. Fast and precise

Laser treatments are fast and target only the follicles. That makes them highly effective and precise. You can expect a permanent loss just after 4-7 treatments.

Disadvantages of laser hair removal treatments

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Some of the benefits are also disadvantages of laser treatments. As we said, the sessions are pretty expensive, and many people can’t pay in advance. Also, you can’t expect overnight effectiveness, because the treatment needs to be repeated a few times until the initial results.

A few weeks before the treatment you need to avoid tanning, both from sunlight, or fake tanning from a cosmetic studio. After the treatment, you also need to avoid sun tanning. Sometimes the light beam may cause changes in your pigmentation.

Not everyone is the right candidate for laser hair removal since the standard machines work better with dark hairs and fair skin. The bigger the contrast between the skin and hairs is, the more effective the treatment works. For those who have darker skin, there are different types of lasers, and the whole treatment will last longer, and maybe it will need to be repeated after a few weeks.

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Also, you need to visit a licensed laser center, because inexperienced technicians can make a lot of damage or burn your skin. That’s why you need to look for certified studios and cosmetic experts, who will exactly know what they do. Don’t fall for lower prices or suspicious deals. It’s always better to pay for a secure treatment than to fix something someone hasn’t done properly.

After the treatment, you need to take care of your skin. You should always wear a sunscreen with at least SPF 30. If you performed a laser treatment on your face, use SPF 50, especially on the parts that were directly targeted.

If you have a problem with excess hair growth, you may need to consider some advanced removing treatments. That will help you increase your confidence and self-esteem, and the most important part, it’s very safe and practical for everyone who has problems like this.