Most people start their mornings with a cup of coffee. There is nothing more enjoyable than drinking the first hot coffee in the morning in silence. It wakes us up and improves our mood, so we can start with our daily obligations relaxed and motivated. However, every coffee lover knows how much the taste of the coffee is important. The main thing that influences coffee taste and deliciousness is its freshness. If you already drank coffee that is not fresh, you probably know that taste is awful. However, the question is what makes the coffee come to this point to become so tasteless.

Studies show that brewed coffee is actually good for drinking only for 30 minutes unless you put it in some thermos. The main reason for this is the oxidation of the coffee after brewing. Think of it as a process that happens to the apple slice when you leave it open. It also becomes tasteless and starts to change its color. Oxidation causes the flavor compounds in the coffee as well. Despite that, the freshness of the coffee can also depend on the seed type you use.

However, there are a couple of ways you can try and ensure your coffee stays fresh and delicious beyond the limited 30 minutes. You will wind tips below.

1. Remove your coffee pot immediately

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When you start brewing your coffee, the main thing you should pay attention to is to remove the coffee pot from the burner on time. More precisely, when you see brewing is finished, you need to put away your coffee pot. If you are wondering why this is so important – the answer is pretty simple and it regards oxidation. If you leave the coffee pot on the burner longer, it will oxidize faster. As a result, your coffee will become bitter. We suppose you want to avoid that scenario; so use this easy trick and enjoy the deliciousness of your morning.

2. Keep your coffee isolated

What you should do when you do not drink your coffee completely? After you make coffee and do not want to drink it right away or you left some of the coffee, you can transfer it to the isolated thermos. In that way, you will avoid its oxidation and keep your coffee fresh and tasteful. The purpose of the thermos is to keep the heat of the liquid you put in, and, with the heat, it will preserve the flavor of the coffee. More precisely, your coffee will not become bitter. If you are going to work, or you want to travel somewhere, you can just put your coffee in a thermos and enjoy its deliciousness all day.

3. Why don’t you make your own ice coffee?

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This one very delicious trick that you can make with brewed coffee. Make delicious iced coffee easily by putting it in the fridge. The process is very simple, all you need is a brewed coffee, pitcher, and refrigerator. If you have any coffee left, you can try something new instead of putting it in a thermos. More precisely, you can simply put the rest of the coffee from the pot into some carafe and put it in the refrigerator. Coldness in the fridge will keep the flavor and aroma of the coffee. Studies show that you can leave your coffee in the fridge for a whole week and the taste will stay the same. This is a perfect option for hot days when you need some cold freshness.

4. Experiment with ice cubes

One more interesting trick that you can try is making ice cubes. You can use them to cool your hot coffee. Despite that, you can make some tasteful smoothies with them. For instance, you can add milk, and some aromas such as vanilla, hazelnut, coconut, or something else you like and make a uniquely delicious drink. This is a perfect opportunity to experience your creativity. It is very easy to make those coffee cubes. You just need a cube tray that you will fill with coffee. After that, put them in the freezer and use them any time you want to make a drink. You can put cream and sugar right away before they freeze if you do not like bitter coffee.

5. What about the dessert?

There is nothing more tasteful for a coffee lover than a delicious dessert that has a coffee aroma. There are all kinds of dessert you can make by yourself. For instance, you can try preparing some brownies, cupcakes, chocolate coffee, or to bake some coffee cake. You can find many ideas if you search for coffee recipes. The easiest thing you can make is ice cream with coffee flavor. Do not worry if you are not a person who cooks much. These things are easy to make, and you will surely enjoy them.

6. What else can you do with coffee leftovers?

There are many unusual ideas that you can try with your coffee instead of drinking or eating it. For instance, many women do not know that they can dye their hair with this beverage. This is a natural dye for coloring your hair. After that, women use it as face mask treatment to fresh up their skin. Despite that, you can use it as a cleaning tool to cover some unpleasant smells. Stay open-minded and research how you can use brewed coffee.


There are truly many ideas on how you can keep your brewed coffee fresh and use it instead of throwing it away. The key is to avoid oxidation and loss of the aroma. For that reason, you should decide what you will do with the leftovers. You can be creative and experiment with some of the tricks that we mentioned.

We can all agree that coffee is not just a beverage. It is a more significant product for most people in the world. If you want to gather some new ideas or simply get familiar with different coffee tastes, you can check out websites like After reading a couple of posts there, your knowledge about coffee will improve. In that way, you will manage to enjoy this beautiful beverage even more.