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Have you ever wondered what the path to success is determined by? Is it something that is already predestined for all of us, simply as either you will be successful or you will not? Or is success perhaps the result of our development and progress in terms of acquiring knowledge, applying it, and ultimately exploiting that knowledge in a particular key situation?

Well, if we consider all that, it is likely that the path to success is conditioned by a combination of all the mentioned factors. Simply, you have to be lucky. Also, you must possess knowledge. Ultimately you must be wise and use luck and knowledge in a key situation.

But what about being intelligent? It is probably an important thing. This means that you are resourceful and know how to use a favorable situation and all factors to achieve success.

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If we look carefully, successful people have exactly these qualities. They are resourceful, they know how to take advantage of a favorable situation, they have the knowledge, and of course, they are intelligent, very intelligent! One great example of such a successful man is Jeff Bezos. The 56-year-old is the richest man on Earth and is widely known as the owner and founder of of the largest e-commerce stores.

Considering his success, we can’t help but think what is Jeff Bezos’s IQ? Of course, there is no doubt that this guy is definitely highly intelligent because otherwise, he wouldn’t have achieved the success and wealth he has today. So, what are the figures?

Certainly, we have to go back a few decades to consider Jeff’s rise. Namely, in his school days, he attended the River Oaks Elementary School where he was part of a program for gifted children. After that, he attended Palmetto High School in Miami and was also at Princeton University, one of the most prestigious universities in the United States.
When all that is taken into account, but also his interest in technology and science from an early age, Jeff is certainly a very intelligent person.

Speaking of intelligence, you probably know that it is measured by the help of IQ or Intelligence Quotient. The procedure for determining IQ consists of taking standardized tests. The results are then calculated and the final IQ value is obtained.

If a certain person has an IQ in the range of 85 to 115, it is considered to be on average. An IQ in the range of 115 to 129 means that a person is superior, from 130 to 144 means that a person is gifted, while 145+ IQ means that a person is a genius.

Now, back to Jeff Bezos and his IQ. It is quite certain that Mr. Bezos is not on average. Is he a genius? Believe it or not, there are about 0.1% of geniuses on our planet, i.e. people with IQ 145+. According to certain sources of information, Jeff Bezos, the richest man on the planet, really is a genius because he has an IQ that is above 150!