Turkey, which has been flooded with holiday visitors from all over the world, has recently become popular with health tourism as well.

Especially, Istanbul dental clinics, while opening the doors of global health services with the economical dental treatments they offer, aim to increase their service potential by eliminating the dental problems of the tourists who come to our country for holiday purposes.

Due to the cost and limited health services abroad, they aim to take the opportunity to carry out treatment and vacation together by turning people’s route to Turkey, and at the same time, they aim to find the advantage of returning to their country by costing quality dental treatment services at an affordable price.

While the campaigns and special treatment packages made especially for patients coming to Turkey from abroad make our country the reason for preference, having the best-accredited hospitals and clinics in Europe plays an important role in this preference.

Turkey has been doing very high-quality work in dental treatment services recently and in clinics with state-of-the-art systems; the best implant, veneer, prosthesis, aesthetic teeth, and orthodontic treatments are performed.


Satisfactory services provided by successful and expert physicians continue to revive health tourism day by day, and all organizations aim to improve their service potential by participating in national and international training in order to keep the sector alive.

Patient satisfaction, treatment success, professional service, specialists in the field, relevant physicians, and in addition to all these, an Istanbul tour attracts patients from all over the world to Turkey and brings opportunities to turn the treatment process into a holiday.

With our 16 years of service history, we, as Private City Dent, are among the leading companies in the sector, and we continue to serve health tourism with our quality and professional service policy.

In our clinic located in Taksim, headquartered in Istanbul, 16 dentists, each of whom is an expert in their field, provide services and carry out studies with state-of-the-art devices and equipment, and we perform treatments that prioritize patient health and hygiene.

Prosthesis and veneers produced by our expert technicians, implant applications in the latest quality standards, aesthetic teeth and teeth whitening, surgical tooth extraction and root canal treatment, Bruxism, periodontology, and orthodontic treatment are among our services.


With our panoramic and periapical X-ray support, we carry out problem-free and satisfactory work with the treatment plan and method we apply individually, and we strive to make the dental treatment process successful and comfortable with the cooperation of the patient and doctor.

In our clinic, where you can find quality service at an affordable price, there are solutions suitable for every budget and be prepared for satisfactory returns with our special campaign and payment advantages.

When you meet our clinic, which is among the buildings with the magical atmosphere of Istanbul and smelling of history, you can turn your dental treatment process into a historical discovery and take a trip to the past in the mystical atmosphere of Taksim. You can crown your visit to Turkey, where you came for dental treatment, with an Istanbul tour, and you can catch the opportunities that will turn your treatment process into an opportunity with the privilege of Citydent.