The pandemic has squandered everyone’s vacation plans globally. However, with the world getting back to its routine, countries have been opening up their economies to tourists and locals alike. Therefore, behold the oceanic beauty of the Atlantic coast by visiting the best and the most vibrant islands of the Caribbean. Visiting the Caribbean can be a spectacular experience.

From the pristine white beaches of The Bahamas in the north to low-key desert islands of the ABC in the south, the Caribbean is flush with islands scattered across the reef providing culturally diverse offerings to thrill-seekers, honeymooners, and families. Several islands have little in common with each other, but they are a remarkably diverse lot with exclusive hotels and high-end resorts offering a trove of things to see and do.

1. The Bahamas


If visiting beaches takes your breath away, then traveling to the Bahamas should be on your to-do list. The Bahamas is a place for everyone: ecotourists flock to the vibrant coral reefs of the Grand Bahama. At the same time, the beach-hunters find themselves in the isolated inlets of Long Island. However, if you want to indulge in a sports activity or go diving or snorkeling, exploring the coral gardens of Bimini should be your paramount choice.

2. Puerto Rico

The colonial haven offers a ride through history to its tourists. Secured by the age-old bulwarks of colonial forts and baroque churches, Puerto Rico is a shining jewel in the Caribbean crown that conceals architectural surprises. However, if you are looking for something upbeat on your vacation, its vibrant nightlife along the beaches will leave you craving for more. The UNESCO attested capital of San Juan is a paradise for people who love cocktails. Apart from this, countless bars and casinos thrive in and around the resort belt of Isle Verde.

3. Barbados


If you like partying as if there is no tomorrow, visit Barbados to live your bachelor years to the fullest. With luxurious all-inclusive resorts looming on the clifftops, there are endless things to do here. It doesn’t matter whether you are a backpacker or a millionaire flaunting his ostentatious yacht; everyone can kick back and relax while sipping on pina Coladas or lounging on resort terraces bathing in the crisp sun.

And, if you like adventure more than enjoying run shacks on the streets, hike the many jungle trails, or go snorkeling in the sea. The reefs here will simply take your breath away!

4. Bermuda

Fabled for its paranormal occurrences, Bermuda is not technically a part of the Caribbean islands. Instead, this hook-curve of land bridges the gap where the Caribbean sea meets the North Atlantic, giving the place an altogether distinct characteristic. With its angelic pink sea (thanks to the powdered corals), the island features rugged topography with hilltop golf resorts for individuals who need a desperate change of scenery coupled with luxury.

5. Cayman Islands


If the rich kid in your class always yapped about their sea mansion in the Caymans, it is probably time you hit the islands yourself to witness what an absolute beauty the place is (and he might be right on his part to boast about it all along). The islands feature amicable locals, endangered sea turtles, spectacular ghost orchids, multi-colored iguanas, and breathtaking mansions of some of the wealthiest folks to have existed on the face of this earth.

You can visit the famous colonial forts during the day. However, as the sun sets, hedonism takes over the islands. So, visit all the alfresco parties that the islands are hosting and rum-packed cocktail soirees at Billy Bones!

6. Haiti

While other Caribbean islands emanate pomp and show and bespoke resorts, Haiti screams only one thing: adventure. Individuals who like to explore the 18th-century ruins can consider visiting Citadelle Laferriere, the largest fortress in the Americas that stands as the topical gospel of tales of slave revolts and colonization. You can also see the pirate retreats of Tortuga to encounter the time of your life. All the stellar resorts in Haiti are situated at prime locations and offer the vibe of Spanish revival architecture heritage.

7. Montserrat


Populated by early Irish immigrants in the 1600s, Montserrat is the modern Pompeii offering adventure on a hot volcanic plate. Although no one is allowed to set foot in the island’s seclusion zone, you can drive on the many empty coastal roads or hike the several infamous jungle trails. The island is not yet commercialized like many quoted on this list which is why you should consider visiting it.

After diving in the young coral gardens and witnessing the multi-colored thrushes amidst the mountain plume, you can spend your nights at the several Gaelic pubs drinking frothy Guinness and karaoke your heart out!

8. Grenada

Regarded by many as the Spice Isle, Grenada is the land of nutmeg and vanilla pods. With the occasional wafts of cinnamon that tango in the sultry Caribbean air, you can kick back, relax, and forget about all the worries you came with because Grenada will purge you from head to toe in its pristine white sand and turquoise seawater. Volcanic in origin, the island functions at the behest of Mount Saint Catherine and grass-rimmed crater lakes of Grand Etang. The landscape is too pretty to miss as the waterfalls gush through the jungle plumes over the rocks at Royal Mount Carmel.

9. Curacao


The elusive C of the ABC, Curacao, makes itself comfortable between the stretchy cacti-spotted reaches of Aruba and the glistening reefs of Bonaire. And you won’t believe it, but it’s a stone’s throw from the Venezuelan coast. Do you want to witness magnificent swimming sea turtles? Do not worry because Shete Boka National Park has got you covered.

Apart from this, you can visit the boat-bobbing harbors at Fort Amsterdam, dive into the spectacular Playa Kalki, or explore the hanging stalactites at the Hato Caves. For more in-depth information about the island, visit and get swept by Curacao’s enchanting marvels.

In Conclusion

There is more to the Caribbean than the list offers, and you can explore it all with a vacation trip to one of the most serene wonders that exist on this blessed planet.