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Nowadays every person has to have his or her portfolio with all the needed data and a breathtaking picture filled out at all times! It is important for everyone to include a professional headshot, since during these marketing days – this sells and works the best! During the global pandemic, most people had to invest more time and care into their CV, as well as their picture. Chances of you landing a job via a Skype or Zoom call are higher than ever, so make sure that your picture stands out among the rest, and let it tell 1000 stories! First paragraph: According to Schmittat Photography it is important for everyone to include a professional headshot, since during these marketing days – this sells and works the best! Here are some important facts that you might want to know.

Top 9 reasons to invest in professionally taken headshots

1. Google tricks

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Getting a job in whichever company will probably require them to do a quick research on you. Most businesses will look you up on the internet and will do a 5-minute check-up before they proceed with the sorting process. So, what kind of a first impression do you have on others? How proud are you with your social media, avatar, as well as Facebook history? A professional and flattering photo is a must-have if you want to make yourself stand out and appear relevant as well as important in terms of your social accounts.

2. Credibility is higher

Websites and social media profiles are trustworthy, but only once you add your legitimate picture! Although emojis or avatars can be cute and funny, your professional picture and a well-done headshot will make you look a lot more reliable, and as if your credibility was higher. Nowadays there are loads of fakes and scams, so make sure that you don’t look like a robot when compared to the rest of the profiles online.

3. Professional and straight to business

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A professional look is something that is not as easy to achieve, but with the right picture – you will be straight to business! You will look like you’re ready to take on a new challenge, and your professional photoshoot will show that you’re confident, straightforward, as well as creative, and always ready to go! Your vacation photo or a photo with your dog might leave a poor and bad impression. Try to stand out and look like you know what you’re doing at all times.

4. Looks can sell

People spend more time looking at photos than reading texts, did you know that? This has a lot to do with the content on Instagram and Facebook that makes us spend hours looking at some viral videos or photos. This just further shows that sometimes people can be shallow. You might not know what you’re getting yourself into, which is why you should prepare your portfolio and have the best-looking picture. At the end of the day, showing some additional effort in doing your makeup or your hair might make you close the deal, and get the job of your dreams!

5. Measure of success in one way

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Sometimes, this can be used to measure your success. You should invest in yourself and show your clients or your colleagues that you want to be associated with hardworking people. Sometimes, getting out of your comfort zone or spending additional money will let others know that you’re willing to go that extra mile and that you are a perfectionist. This way, you will show that you are a determined individual.

6. You are showing dedication

Never come off as a lazy person, no matter the field that you’re in. This can be easily spotted through blurry pictures, awful pixels, as well as stretched or squashed images that look poor and uneven. Never be that person who is cutting the corners and trying to make a picture work. This can make you look sloppy, as well as uninterested.

7. Brand recognition

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Some brands will notice the quality of your picture, as well as luxurious cameras that were used in the shooting process. Also, by getting a set of professional pictures for yourself, as well as your entire company, you will give out a professional look, as well as a cohesive vibe. Make yourself stand out, and go with the same picture format, color combo, or even a specific saying that stands out in the back. Every brand will look a lot more reliable due to this little trick.

8. Always prepped and good to go

You should always be prepared and ready to go. You never know when are you going to land an interview, so why not be safe rather than sorry? Your perfect networking opportunity might present itself on a random Tuesday evening, and you will not want to miss out on it. Make sure that your picture is modern and that it is not outdated. This also applies to the rest of your CV.

9. Affordable yet super helpful

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Last, but not least, know that this does not cost a fortune. You can have amazing results and a long-lasting professional picture without spending way too much of your time or money. Simply book your session, think ahead about your makeup, hair & outfit, and you will love the results!

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Convinced that you need that professional photo?

So, are you ready to book your photo shooting session? How old and outdated is your CV picture, and is it time to update it? Not only that it can be beneficial for people who are applying for a job, but a professional photoshoot can also come in handy for your prom, wallet pictures, drivers license, as well as ID shoots. Think ahead, and always book your session with the best photographer. In the end, this picture is something that you will have to look at for 3-4 years, minimum.