Every year there are more and more ambitious bloggers on Instagram, and this is not surprising, because the platform offers a huge audience and a lot of useful functions that help create interesting and high-quality content. Reels, IGTV, and Stories have changed the perception of the network we are familiar with, and the ways of promotion that you need to use if you want to grow a page and become a famous influencer have changed accordingly.

Times are changing, and this means that you need to be on trend to be able to become a competitive maker, stand out from the crowd and raise your account to a new level. However, this is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. We created this article so that you have a real opportunity to become the author of a great blog that will have a thousand (or even millions) of regular readers. In the text, you will find information about the 5 best ways to attract an audience (paid and free) that you can use right now. Read on!

What is the Most Effective for Newbies?


1. Creating a Follower Base

If you have spent a lot of time on social networks and have several favorite bloggers, then you know that users pay attention to how many fans the influencer has. This is the main indicator of success and fame, and most creators strive to ensure that the number of subs constantly grows. You see, creating a follower base from scratch is not a whim, but a necessity if you want to significantly increase your account. Everyone who started their blog not so long ago has a problem with this – initially you don’t have any subscribers and your page looks raw.

However, there is a great solution – you can contact a good advertising company such as Viplikes and delegate to them the task of creating a subs base. The advantage of this method is that you will save a lot of your resources (especially time) and get the desired result in the shortest possible time. After making a purchase and choosing a special package, you will regularly receive a certain number of followers, and this will significantly accelerate the process of your growth on the site. Publications will be included in recommendations more often (due to increased activity), and users will begin to perceive you as a blogger who is interesting to follow. This way you will significantly strengthen your position and will be able to stand out among those who have also recently started their online journey.

2. Try Targeted Advertising

In 2016, the developers presented bloggers and entrepreneurs with the opportunity to quickly and easily (but for a fee) promote their content and increase followers. The advantages of internal targeted ads are that they are visible only to those users who may be interested in your topic or service. In short, you pay for your account to be seen by potential viewers.

But it’s not simple – in order for advertising to be effective, you need to create an excellent selling layout and have an already filled page. Therefore, we recommend that you take your time with this option and launch an advertising campaign when you feel more confident – you have already created a base of followers and several dozen posts. Then viewers will be able to appreciate your profile and decide whether they are interested in your content.


What else can you use?

3. Commenting

Free options do not give the results you would like to get. But they are a great addition to what we talked about above. In order for your account to become a little more recognizable in the thematic community, you can try commenting, that is, write comments under the posts of popular bloggers who write publications on a similar topic. You can express yourself in the comments – give useful tips, participate in dialogues and express your opinion.

The main thing is not to write just to do it. Comments without meaning or personal opinions irritate readers, so you definitely won’t get new subscribers. Don’t ask users to rate your content and visit the page – it’s better to enter into a friendly dialogue with them, then you will see the result of the work done.

4. Collaboration

Insta is a great place to create collaborative content and you can take advantage of this. You can conduct joint broadcasts, write guest posts and shoot various videos not alone, but with other bloggers. You don’t need special knowledge or skills to do this – it’s enough to find a beginner from your niche who already has a fairly large reach.

Collaboration should be mutually beneficial, so make sure that you have similar statistical results and can be useful for another author. Together you can create a bunch of different activities for subscribers, talk about each other, and stream. By exchanging subscribers, you make yourself and another author more famous, so do not cooperate with direct competitors to avoid possible problems.


5. Reels

Short clips have become popular not only on Instagram but also beyond. Now such videos are the main formats for most block views, and you should follow their example if you want the page to grow constantly. How will this help? By posting Reels, you will be able to diversify the content – this is useful if you do not want followers to unsubscribe or get bored with monotonous publications. In addition, short videos have huge potential, many of them become viral, and as a result, the authors get fame. In order for your content to get into recommendations, and get a lot of likes and comments, you need to create a memorable vivid image and come up with an interesting plot.

Recently, mini-series have been popular on the web, and you can try to create a separate category where you will post such clips. If users get carried away with this, they will start visiting your page regularly to find out the continuation of the last episode, and you will get real fans of your creativity. Good luck!