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Now that we all are forced to stay home, we have a lot of free time on our hands and not that many options to fill that time. The only cure for boredom is thinking of innovative ideas to enhance activities that we already enjoy. Fortunately, whether you’re an athlete, a gym addict, or a bodybuilder, the world of fitness is constantly witnessing new technological innovations emerging on the market, and the appealing features of these new gadgets might be just the thing you need to enhance your lockdown fitness experience.

The merge of technology and fitness is nothing new to us, but the new innovations that are now available to us are taking our workouts to a whole new level. If you want to know more about these innovations, check out the list below for the most recent technologies in the fitness world.

Echelon Reflect

Since we can’t go out to our regular workout classes or gyms, the new Echelon Reflect will fill in for your trainer. The Echelon Reflect is an interactive mirror that comes with online connectivity and an HD display. When it is turned off, it simply looks like a sleek mirror, but when you turn it on, it will offer you all the options of a built-in gym system that you can choose from through the interactive touch screen. If you check, you’ll find that there’s a wide variety of workout programs available in the built-in system that you can customize to your liking. You can also get feedback through the system’s leaderboard, which can be fun for competitive people.

Working out with such a fancy piece of technology can certainly be fun, especially that you’ll have multiple online classes for cardio workouts, boxing, Zumba, and yoga to choose from. Like most fitness devices, it will monitor your heart rate, and since this is a smart device, it will be pretty easy to use for most people and you can simply connect it to your headphones via Bluetooth. The only downside of getting an Echelon Reflect is its price, as it’s not very cheap. In addition to this, you will have to pay more money for a class subscription, but looking at all the features of this device along with its smart design, the Echelon Reflect is certainly worth it.

Smart Indoor Bike

Like the Echelon Reflect, smart bikes are connected to the internet and will provide you with the opportunity of being a part of an online community. It is just like a normal indoor bike with a smart screen through which you can access classes and follow up with your instructors online. Smart indoor bikes also have leaderboards, so in addition to providing you with feedback on your progress, you will be able to track other peoples’ progress as well. While Echelon Reflect requires that you have your own set of training gadgets, like weights, for example, all you have to do here is to get on the bike and start your exercise. Of course, online classes, Bluetooth capabilities, and heart rate monitors will all be available to you.

Bowflex Selecttech Dumbbells

Getting a whole rack of different dumbbells in your house can take a lot of space and also cost you a lot of money. To solve this issue, you can simply get a set of Bowflex Selecttech Dumbbells. you won’t need to buy any more dumbbells when you buy this one, as it allows you to adjust the weight (from 5 to 60 lbs) and it is of moderate size, so it won’t take a lot of space in your room. It also has other features like record weight, reps, and sets through the built-in Bluetooth system and an application that you can download on both android and apple devices. The application will also provide you with other features, like a virtual trainer, who will give you tips and tricks to maximize your body mass and build muscle.

Interactive Plank System

Core exercises are not as fun to do as other exercises due to their difficulty. In fact, many people think that planking is intimidating and will avoid doing these exercises, especially if there’s no one to guide them through the routine. Fortunately, the new plank systems can make planking one of the most enjoyable exercises to do at home. The Stealth Professional Plank Platform, for example, is a supporting pad that can be used in conjunction with apps like Stealth Core Challenge and Stealth Speed Gilding. These apps can be installed into your smartphone (it’s available for both android and apple systems) which can be then placed into the BioFoam pad. So, instead of a very tiring planking exercise, you will be able to add fun with these interactive apps on your phone.

Smart Scales

Knowing how much you weigh can have a great impact on your health, workout program, and your overall mood. So, by integrating the newest technology into this simple task can be very useful for your fitness in the long run. Smart scales will not just show you how much you weigh at a certain point, but they will also track how much your weight has changed in a certain period. So, if you’re one of those people who’s not very fond of this task, you can simply not look at the numbers and let the smart scale record them for you on its application. It can also calculate your weight and body fat, which you can later show to your doctor, health care professional, or trainer later for advice.

Heart Rate Monitors

Heart Rate Monitors (HRM) are as important as your training exercises. If you want maximum results and the utmost accuracy when tracking your health, HRM should help you do so. These devices usually come in watch designs or wrapped around your chest, but there’s not a significant difference between the two designs, as they can both give you accurate readings. The good thing about HRMs is they can monitor your heartbeat while you’re training to ensure that you’re not pushing yourself too hard and that your workout sessions are healthy and beneficial.

Fitness is one of the most important pillars of good health, so it’s only natural that we integrate technology and use new innovations to enhance our fitness levels and make our workouts more enjoyable. There are also hundreds of fitness apps that you can have access to whenever you want. With all of these elements combined, you’ll find it easy not to go to the gym and workout at home instead. Learn more here at