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These days businesses often have a presence not just on their websites, but on Youtube and social media sites. It can take a lot of time and money to keep these up to date with regular quality posts. The goal is always to gain traffic to the sales page on the company’s website. Business success can stand or fall on this, and that’s why this article has been written.

Learning and Training

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In order to stay with the pack or get ahead, businesses need to either involve external marketing companies or conduct internal training. Learning Management Systems have become available to help companies monitor training, and identify needs and knowledge gaps. The experts of often produce articles on such related subjects as virtual learning and distance learning. They also provide guidance for trainers and instructors.

Once a team of sufficiently trained people is in harness, it is possible to identify the potential customer base and research the best ways to reach them.

Smart Websites

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Because of mobile phones and social media, people have short attention spans and expect websites to load within three seconds. If this doesn’t happen, they frequently go elsewhere. Sites have to be user-friendly for people using phones, tablets, laptops, or home computers. So many people are surfing the net from their phones that ‘mobile-first’ websites may be the priority of the future.

An increasing number of people are also accessing the internet by using verbal instructions when using their phones (eg Siri). There are also external devices like Alexa. Whilst websites have historically sought to include the search words people use on Google, this may be changing. Verbal searches would include whole sentences, such as questions.

Once people arrive at business websites, they will only stay if the graphics are good and there is easy navigation. Everything needs to be clear and follow a clear branding design.

Many web pages contain duplications of information. Google doesn’t like this and will demote the website’s visibility if this occurs. Page titles and meta descriptions are important too. The latter relates to data describing data: a summary of a web page’s contents.

Blogging and Content Marketing

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Blogging is a great way to attract people to business websites. They are an opportunity for strategic words to be included that will match what people are entering on their Google searches. People are looking for good content above everything and will become regular readers (and possible customers) if this is achieved and maintained. Blogs are great for inspiring customer loyalty as they will see the business as a reliable specialist in its field.

These days, people are looking for punchy titles like ‘How to…’ or ‘6 simple keys…’ or they will move on. There should be an inspiring picture underneath the title too. People really do ‘judge a book by its cover’. Google favors blogs that are long-form, that’s over 1,000 words.

Many blogs contain backlinks to other websites. This is a great move when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation that professional agencies like Aidan SEO conduct their services.

Influencer and Blogger Targeting

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Influencers are big fish who have a large following in their chosen niche. Websites like Topsy help people discover and connect with these people. The greater the relationship, the better it will be. Links can be used in a business’s blogs that take readers to the influencer’s blogs and material. In turn, the influencer may release their blog to his or her audience.

Social Media

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When it comes to social media, businesses want to increase their presence and awareness by gaining followers. This is achieved by posting regular quality content. Google Analytics can be harnessed to the process of using paid advertising, such as Facebook Ads. Facebook allows web links to be included in its posts, driving people to business websites.

The first thing an interested person might look at is the profile page. This should include the web address of the company. There can also be links to blogs that will lure people away from social media, and on to pages where ads and product details can appear more freely.

Engagement is a key with any social media platform, so free offers and eye-catching posts are important here. The time of posting must also be considered. Generally, Wednesdays and weekends attract the most visitors. Adverts or CTA’s (calls to action) are where the customer is invited to go to the next level.

Video Marketing

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The text material is good. Pictures can be better. Video content can trump the other two. It is possible to obtain more leads and brand awareness through this channel. It’s not just Youtube that should be considered, but using video content on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

When a Youtube video is uploaded, there is the opportunity to choose a title that will be good for SEO. A video description can also be used, and yet again this can be a key for the video being found online.

Helpful free tutorials and information can be supplied during the videos, and web links and adverts can appear at the end.

Niche Marketing

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This modern approach tries to find a limited audience who do not have a satisfactory product or service. With this comes smaller competition, and the chance to make good money. This marketing method will involve breaking down the description of its potential customers: Not just English people, but residents of London. Not just all Londoners, but males. Not just males, but those aged between 24 and 36.

The more specific the audience becomes, the more personalized will be the web page, blogs, or advertising. Companies will seek to generate website traffic by discovering who these people are, what they want, and which platforms they are using and when. It’s cheaper to be more focussed when advertising than putting out a huge net to attract everyone.

At the end of the day, no single tactic will gain the business a company wants. There needs to be an acquired armory of good training and learning, and excellent websites and blogs. Companies should seek to utilize influencers, and create excellent content on social media. Videos should be used as a tool, and niche markets should be explored. Success can then be a very real possibility.