Slots, we all love them we all play them. And why wouldn’t we?! They are fast-paced, flashy fun and sometimes they get you rich fast.

When it comes to our gambling culture, the foundations of it fall to two gambling games – slots and poker. This is where it all started this is why we love it the most. As time went by more games were added and most of them are iterations of these with some rule adjustments. It’s totally fine, some like the originals some like the new games, to everyone their own.

When it comes to slots, we all remember those big boxes on the casino floors with large handles that you could pull down so satisfyingly to get the reels to spin. The sound feeling of the handle pull was irreplaceable, and somehow satisfying beyond explanation.


This was all fine until we reached the online age and until we replaced the handle pull with a press of a button. Those that love the game will tell you it is all the same whether you press it or pull it, the result is what matters and we must agree.

Today we will talk to you about that result and how you can improve your online slot skill in a few easy steps. If you want to test all of this afterward try and find the best slot games for you!

1. Find a good casino


Most of you think that any type of gambling game is about luck, but it is really about the casino and its edge. If you are playing online then this is what matters the most. Shady online casino places will try to increase their edge and try to hide it as much as possible. Since this is a very lucrative business those types of casinos are rising like mushrooms after rain. This is where you need to be cautious and look for those casinos that are licensed, have bonuses and customer support.

These are all obvious things but you would be surprised to know that most of us do not pay attention to that. Check out the wagering requirements for your bonuses so you don’t fall in that trap as well. Generally, pay attention to every single detail and you have already increased your chances to win.

2. Choose your slot games smartly

Now you would think that this is silly and that it does not matter, but boy will you be amazed by the info we have for you. I know that we were blown away when we found out about this. What makes a slot game the best? The best slot game does not exist but there is something called the best slot, meaning the best one for you regarding theme, aesthetics and based on its bonus features, Return To Player or RTP, volatility, presence or absence of Jackpots and minimum and maximum bet sizes that allow you to be flexible.

When all of these things are considered you will find the best slot suited for you, for your play style, and the bankroll you have available for gambling. Consider everything very carefully and you will find a slot machine that is right for you and that will make you money.

3. Practice


Now one thing that is great about online casinos is the fact that you can practice for free. Some of you will think that this is not necessary because the slots are so simple, but you have to get one thing straight. You are not practicing/learning the game, you are trying to figure out its volatility that can only be experienced by playing the game.

There are data on the site and there is a manual to your slot game that will explain the volatility and show some numbers behind it, but the best way to experience it is to play it and play it for free, to determine if it is worth your time and money. You can also try to increase or decrease your bet size according to your results in the game and see how the slot game behaves. 99% of online casinos offer free demo versions of each of their games, especially slot games so do not lose your opportunity to test them yourself when you can.

4. Strategy

Now, most of you will smile by now and frown on this, but slot games also need a strategy, especially if you are trying to win. These games are brutal and can draw you in so quickly that it is insane. If you don’t have a proper strategy you will get sucked in so fast and left broke, you won’t know what hit you. A good betting strategy will help you accommodate both the winning streak and the losing streak.

There are plenty of those out there and some of them include Fibonacci strategy, Martingale strategy, and many others that you can learn more online, from more experienced gamblers than us. Those of you that are good mathematicians will understand these strategies faster and know how to apply them more precisely so thank your math teacher along the way.

5. Bankroll strategy


This is as important as the slot game strategy, if not even more. As we already said since slots are that fast and so fun to play, they draw you in so fast that you can’t handle yourself from time to time. What counters this is a good bankroll strategy for both winning and losing streaks. Try to tailor one according to your expectations and possibilities when it comes to the funds you have and can set aside for gambling. Believe it or not, good money management makes you a winner already.

In a conclusion, we can tell you that, although gambling is perceived as a bad thing, it can also be fun and interesting if you know what you are doing. Several people in this world have devoted their lives to becoming gambling professionals and they are doing all right. This only means that you have to learn, adapt, plan and put all of yourself into something if you want a true result. Stay safe and as always Gamble Responsibly! Best of luck!