Congratulations! You are making it out of the first trimester considered to be full of risks as far as the pregnancy is concerned. The embryo is rapidly transforming into a fetus and soon will be a baby ready to be born completing your joy. This is indeed a week that is just as relevant as the rest of the pregnancy weeks and you will feel great knowing that the baby has made great strides in terms of development.

At 9 weeks pregnant, you are also struggling with lots of symptoms including the crazy morning sickness and the embarrassing flatulence. You have however by now come up with best ways of dealing with the symptoms and easing them making your life more bearable. In case your symptoms are yet to set in, then you are among the lucky few who only experience mild symptoms throughout pregnancy but you had better get ready since the coming week might not be as joyous as the rest you have had before. Check Friso for more information.

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You are barely showing for the pregnancy but at times you feel as though you are probably because of the bloating issue that is common during this week of pregnancy. However, if you are already showing, then there should be nothing to worry you since it could be that you are carrying twins or more or that your tummy muscles are relaxed after previous births and hence bulge out with the slightest push by the growing baby inside of you.

Even though you are yet to show that you are pregnant, your clothes must be feeling a bit tight around the waist giving you the green light that it is time to start shopping for maternity wear since soon it will be obvious that you are pregnant and will look hilarious in your old clothes. The clothing includes bras since the breasts have also increased in size as they prepare for lactation which soon will be taking place.

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This is also the week you want to consider starting with your prenatal visits in case you have not started and you might also consider having an ultrasound to confirm that everything is okay. A heartbeat that is present will give you the assurance that the pregnancy is carrying on as it should hence you will manage to enjoy more. The ultrasound during this week also offers greater details regarding the development and progress of the baby and you can also have the due date determined.

The other thing that you can start preparing for is breaking the news to family and friends before it becomes obvious to them that you are. Since the miscarriage risks are greatly reduced during this week and stage, it is believed that it is among the best times that you can share the joy of the coming baby with your loved ones. At 9 weeks pregnant so many changes are taking place within and without you and you need to be prepared to handle it all with the assistance of your doctor. Visit randomstuffido to learn more.