To drink without intoxication, maintain your blood alcohol content (BAC) of .06 percent. The BAC below 0.06 percent is commonly known as a green zone — since it allows you to embrace the benefits that make drinking alcohol socially enjoyable without the detrimental effects of excessive drinking.

Staying below .06 percent can help you be more at ease and social. You may feel buzzing, and your reasoning might be slightly compromised based on your endurance, but you will not be tripping or slurred speech in your sentences. Therefore, you’ll be likely to sleep more soundly and avoid a pounding headache the following day, allowing you to continue your workday.

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8 Tips On How To Not Get Drunk After Mixing Drinks


Even though many people have the spirit and will to drink alcohol, they cannot seem to drink much or get drunk on a small amount. It often leads them to feel unsatisfied. Mixing drinks seems fun and adventurous but direly affects one’s alcohol tolerance level. Here are some tips for enjoying your drinking experience by mixing drinks without getting drunk.

1. Always Eat Before Drinking

You need to eat before consuming alcohol, especially if you are thinking about mixing drinks. When trying to avoid becoming drunk, consuming alcohol on an empty belly is probably the last choice you want to make. Meals in the stomach slow the absorption of alcohol, which might help maintain your BAC below.

Before going out to a party or night out, consume some food or, at minimum, a healthy snack, and proceed to keep munching while drinking.

Certain foods are healthier to eat before consuming alcohol than others because, in addition to reducing alcohol intake, they can minimize your chances of booze-induced gastrointestinal disorders like indigestion and nausea, as well as help deter a hangover.

2. Avoid Mixing Drinks While Doing Shots

While there is nothing wrong with buying your pals a drink, doing so in a group might soon burn a sizable hole in your wallet. Your effort to stay sober will be derailed, and your credit card bill will go up.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to choose a drink you can savor for a while rather than a shot because it’s simpler to spread them out. You may avoid taking shots by telling your pals that you don’t like it or by discretely vanishing as they walk to the bar.

3. Keep Consuming Water


Have a glass of water or a nonalcoholic soft drink (you don’t need to disclose its nonalcoholic status) for every alcoholic beverage. If you’re drinking, be sure to have a meal as well. It (ideally) tastes good and aids in reducing the effects of drinking.

4. Don’t Accept All Requests

Although it might be difficult to withstand peer pressure, if you’ve had enough to drink, politely decline or make any excuse to someone who offers to get a drink for you. Tell them you’re fine for the moment, and then switch the subject. It’s more crucial to monitor your drinking than to keep competing with other individuals.

It makes sense to worry that your friends may make fun of you for not accepting drinks, yet this doesn’t happen that often. Most of your friends (the good ones) won’t abandon you just because you don’t consume alcohol as rapidly as some of them do.

5. Sip Rather Than Gulp

One regular drink generally takes the stomach an hour to digest. If you drink quickly or chug your drinks, your body does not have enough time to process the alcohol, leading to an accumulation of liquor in your system and an elevated BAC.

Making sure to drink your beverages gently and not surpassing one beverage hourly is the most excellent strategy to avoid getting intoxicated. To encourage a hold on yourself, pace your drinks, don’t purchase another drink, or have your glass refilled until it’s empty. The presence of ice cubes in your drinks will also slow you considerably (and add more water to the alcohol).

6. Alter Among Alcoholic And Nonalcoholic Beverages


Unless you’re planning to drink, rotating between alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages is a terrific strategy to keep your consumption under control and avoid becoming hammered.

Hydration is always a fine choice, but if you want something more celebratory, there are liquor alternatives that will make alternating a delight.

Mocktails are lovely if you prefer a drink with a tiny straw, but there have been more alcoholic substitutes than basic virgin Coladas. Beer without alcohol has made significant progress. If you favor the flavor of the more potent stuff, you can substitute nonalcoholic beverages and tonics.

If the wine seems more your thing, alcohol-free solutions will allow you to enjoy your night with rosé-colored glasses rather than drunk red glasses.

7. Consume Antacids 30 Minutes Before You Begin Drinking

Another helpful trick is to take antacids before leaving the house. Over-the-counter antacids are easily accessible and will ensure that you do not experience heartburn or a pukish taste after being too intoxicated to keep your head straight. Another organic antacid is banana; consume a banana before getting down to the nasty work.

8. Do Not Dance Uncontrollably After Mixing Your Drinks

We all enjoy dancing and drinking, but if you’ve had a few too many, be careful. Jumping all over the place will make your insides burn with all that scorching liquor inside you! You don’t want to puke on your date’s pricey stilettos and insult everyone on the dance floor.


You can mix your drink and not become intoxicated by keeping track of the alcohol content in your alcoholic beverages and pacing yourself correctly. Drinking is frequently used as a social activity to unwind; celebrations are incomplete without it.

Not everyone can mix beverages wisely. Quickly mixed drinks frequently cause a terrible hangover. We all enjoy mixing liquids, and while it is the quickest way to acquire a cocktail, it also ensures that you will vomit afterward.

Mixing more than three drinks is what sends your stomach into a swirl. If you must mix drinks, spread them out. Allow at least a half-hour interval between beverages.