How to disable or remove ads on YouTube, computer, Android, iOS

The main problem for most users of the YouTube video hosting site on Android is the ads that appear in almost every video with a delay before you can skip them. Moreover, there are often ads not only in the viewed videos, but also on regular pages. Especially in this case we have prepared several options for blocking ads.

With Root rights


You should know that the possibilities of HTTPS category filtering in Android Nougat are somewhat limited. To expand the capabilities and watch YouTube without ads on Android, you can use one of two solutions:

  • You can install an older version of the application by downloading it from the official portal. In this case, you need to put a ban on the automatic update of the video application. You can do this in the special settings of the OS;
  • If the user has the standard ROOT access, he can move the official Adguard certificates to the standard system settings. You can perform this operation using the Move Certs application;
  • The next step is to completely clear the information in the video portal application. For this purpose, you need to go to the settings of the OS and go to a special application manager;
  • Once there, you will just need to activate the Clear button and lock the data.

The website Lowcostsmm, offers many services for YouTube channel and Instagram accounts. Users who have root rights are given the opportunity to carry out the removal and purification of consumed content in the applications in an automated mode. For this purpose, the developers have added a special new flag, located in the low-level settings. To enable it, you need to go to the settings section, then to the Advanced page, then to the Low level. Here you need to find and check the box next to the blocker.

Emerging difficulties


Not in all cases Android users manage to remove advertising inserts on YouTube. Common mistakes:

It does not work to load the blocker; it is not allowed to do so by the antivirus. In this case, it is sufficient to temporarily disable antivirus. When the program is installed, you need to add it to the exceptions in the antivirus settings;

Google account does not connect. The problem may be in the program called MicroG. If this is the case, all you need to do is to reinstall this software.

There are several ways to bypass ads on YouTube. All of them are divided into official (premium subscription) and unofficial (installing a blocker). It’s up to the user to choose which one to prefer. However, video hosting is actively fighting against illegal methods, so in the near future free resources may stop coping with their task.

Currently, users of this operating system are provided with many different options to remove ads with the help of applications. Each of the presented options requires individual actions and manipulations. Developments in this direction are constantly taking place, without interruption, accordingly, the process of removing commercial content will take less and less time and effort.

Over the years, commercials on YouTube have become increasingly integrated with the videos themselves, which means that traditional Android ad blockers can no longer block ads without blocking the commercial itself. It’s gotten to the point where the only way to get rid of ads is to either subscribe to Google Play Music and YouTube Red, or go through the complicated process of installing the Xposed Framework.

But for many people, neither of those options is appropriate. So developer Erwin Goslawski created a simple Root-less app that detects when a YouTube ad starts and then automatically turns off your volume while it waits for the “Skip” button to appear, after which the app will skip the ad. This makes YouTube ads as short and unobtrusive as possible.

How to remove ads in the browser Yandex, Fire Fox, Google Chrome forever


For this task, you should use the function of built-in browser protection. Step-by-step instructions on how to permanently disable this content:

  • open the context menu (for Yandex, three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the page) and select “Settings”;
  • then we’ll need the “Advanced Settings” section and its subsection “Blocking inappropriate ads”.

Another way we have already discussed above is using special extensions, but here you should also be aware that Adblock does not solve the problem with blocking once and for all. It is better to use an extended version of the software application – Adblock Plus.

How to block certain ads on YouTube

Have you ever had to watch the same annoying ad on YouTube? This is a systemic problem due to the nature of Google’s ad targeting algorithm. The easiest way to solve this problem is to pay for YouTube Premium and get rid of all the ads. Another, free way to do this is described below.

When you see the same ad over and over again, hover your mouse over the circle logo in the lower left corner of the video, to the left of the “Visit Advertiser’s Site” link. Click “When I see this ad?

The video will stop and show the message below, explaining in general terms how Google determines which ads to show you. Click the “Don’t show this ad” link.

After clicking this link, you will not see this ad on any YouTube videos. Answer the following question about whether the ad was “irrelevant, irrelevant or repetitive,” and you’ll give Google a little more data… or you can click “Close” without saying why you didn’t like the ad. That’s completely optional.

On the YouTube mobile app, it’s almost identical: make sure you’re watching the video in full-screen, click “Stop watching this ad,” and then “Yes” in the confirmation box. Again, feedback about why you don’t want to see the ad is optional.

If you’re thinking, “Why not do this for every YouTube ad?” Don’t worry. Because of its ubiquity, YouTube has an almost inexhaustible supply of advertisers willing to sell you things. The best use of your time is to simply flag the ads that are most annoying or frequent.

Advertising is the engine of commerce and progress. It monetizes the product and allows it to expand and develop. But when there are a lot of ads, it’s very stressful, especially on YouTube, where ads pop up a hundred times per clip at a high volume. In 2024, Google will continue to increase the number of ads, so we have to do something about it.

How to block ads on YouTube


There are three ways to get rid of ads on YouTube and they all depend on how and on what device you use this service from Google.

Remove ads in Chrome browser on computer

To remove ads on YouTube from your desktop browser (desktop or laptop), you just need to install the AdBlock extension. It perfectly sees all the ads on YouTube and blocks them (also on Facebook, Twitch and other sites).

Note that the AdBlock extension knows how to enable ads on individual channels. This is in case you want to help develop your favorite channel.

How to remove ads on YouTube on your computer or phone

To get rid of ads on any device you can use a paid YouTube Premium subscription. At the time of writing, there is a trial period of 1 month.

In general, for 200 rubles a month you can forget about ads on any device for your Google account. Is it a lot or a little – you decide for yourself.

How to remove ads on YouTube on your smartphone


This is already more complicated. Using a smartphone, you’re most likely watching Youtube through an Android app for which there is no AdBlock. But in this case, an app that can be called AdSkipper – ad skipper – works well.

Such an app mutes the ads and automatically closes them, returning to video playback. A very useful feature when you’re just listening to a video, for example, in the bathroom, and you can’t run to your smartphone every time to manually skip ads.

There are several apps for skipping ads on YouTube. Consider Auto Skip Ads Pro (link on Google Play).

After installing Auto Skip Ads Pro, you need to enable the application in the Android settings section in the Special Features (this window will open automatically, you will only have to scroll down and enable the slider).

Next, let’s open the Auto Skip Ads Pro app itself and activate two options:

Skip Ads and Mute

From now on, there will only be “silent pauses” in the Youtube app instead of ads. Agree, it’s better than cheerful voices screaming at high volume about Tinkoff investments or new Internet pack from Megafon.

The Auto Skip Ads Pro application can also show statistics on missed ads. Not really a necessary feature, but it may come in handy for someone.