Visiting the dentist is an appointment many people do not look forward to. However, it is very important that you do not miss out on it. 

For kids and teens, dental checkups are the ultimate nightmare. This is because dental checkups can be scary and painful. For adults, the reasons differ and are closely associated with cost or time. However, if you’re planning on skipping your dentist appointment anytime soon, we’ve got a couple of reasons for you that say otherwise.

Dentists Can Detect Oral Cancer


Oral cancer is a very serious disease that is very hard to detect. It can manifest in a couple of ways, without the host, even knowing about it. A dentist, however, can easily detect it because he is trained to detect it.

By visiting your Warrnambool Dentist for a dental appointment, your dentist can detect oral cancer in its early stages. Oral cancer is very easily treatable if caught early, but it can be life-threatening if left unchecked.

Plaque, Cavities, and Tartar


Even if you are the most dedicated and careful flosser on the planet, there are still places inside your mouth where you brush, or floss cannot reach. These are the places on our teeth where plaque usually builds up.

If plaque starts to build upon your teeth, it can become very tricky to remove and would require a dentist to look into it. By having regular dental appointments, your dentist can prevent tartar, plaque, and cavities from eroding your teeth and creating holes in them. We have no idea that plaque, tartar, or cavities are destroying our teeth until they start hurting. 

Gum Disease


According to Newbury Dental Group, gum disease is yet another very serious disease that erodes the gum tissue of our mouth. Gum disease is the result of tartar and plaque buildup, causing an infection to the area where the gum is connected to the tooth.

This makes the gum pull away from the tooth, and it causes teeth to break down. Gum disease is also known as gingivitis, and a huge problem that comes with it is swelling. 

Keep You In Check


Oral health is very important, and dentists help keep it in check. But another thing that regular dental appointments keep in check is our bad habits. Bad habits can play a hugely negative role in our oral health, some are even causing problems right now, and you have no idea of it.

Some of the bad habits that are negatively affecting your oral health are nail-biting, ice chewing, jaw clenching, smoking, teeth grinding, eating sticky or hard sweets, brushing too hard, drinking coffee, drinking red wine, and more. A dentist can advise you on these habits and help you keep them in check. If you do indeed practice some of these bad habits, stop at once.

Dentists Can Check Your Head, Neck and Lymph Node


Dentists do far more than just look at your teeth for plaque and tartar. In addition to checking your teeth, mouth, gums, and tongue for signs of oral cancer, he can also check your neck, jaw, head, and the lymph nodes. 

Dentists can look for abnormalities in these areas and look for signs of major health issues. If an issue is found, he can advise you and send refer you to the appropriate medical professional and have them sort it out for you.