I think people really like to read stories about hoaxes and conspiracy theories and that is why there are so many lists related to these topics. Weird Worm picked 10 of them for you.


5 Myths That People Don’t Realize Are Admitted Hoaxes


It’s no surprise that the world gets taken in by hoaxers and con men. They’re really good at what they do and most of us are bored enough to believe anything as long as it takes our mind off the cubicle for a while.

This is NOT a hoax: gm

And even when the hoaxers get accused of fakery, we may still take their side. After all, those negative doubting types try to shoot down everything! Who cares what they say! What is harder to explain, though, is the times when the perpetrators of a hoax come out themselves and confess to the fakery… and people still go right on believing.

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Top 10 Cryptozoological Creatures


Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, the Jersey Devil and El Chupacabra are among the most famous cryptids – mysterious creatures people claim exist but have yet to be proven by science (and let’s face it, probably will never be).

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7 Famous Hoaxes


April is often the time when people share their knowledge of hoaxes and all over the internet sites post funny pages meant to trick their users. However April 1st hoaxes can sometimes influence history for years to come, not the classic pranks, but elaborate hoaxes such as the ones on this list.

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The 5 Craziest Conspiracy Theory Nutjobs


The Web is haven for conspiracy theory nutjobs. Their duty is to expose government cover-ups and plots that the general public doesn’t know about. According to their loyal followers, they are ones who speak THE TRUTH!

So who are the biggest conspiracy theory nutjobs on the web? Here are the five most paranoid and popular.

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Seven Amazing Hoaxes


Con-artists are a clever bunch. They make entire careers by tricking everyday people like you or I into believing the most absurd nonsense possible. The below hoaxes and cons managed to be both highly successful and unique in the field criminal lying.

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Is it a Hoax?


New blog on the web “Paranormal Haze” made research about some well known phenomena.

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9 Greatest Celebrity Death Rumors


People are fascinated with celebrity gossip. People are fascinated with death. Therefore, people are utterly fascinated by celebrity death rumors. Time and time again, false reports of a celebrity’s demise will surface, and time and time again people take the bait, regardless of how outlandish the claims may be. In honor our gullible, celebrity obsessed populous, her are nine of the greatest celebrity death rumors.

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Tall Tales, Hoaxes & Scams: 10 Great Hollywood Tricks


People will do anything to make a headline, even making up something and passing it off as fact. That’s why you can’t believe everything you see or hear, but don’t worry because we at Mania got you covered and took the time to set the record straight on a few Hollywood tall tales, hoaxes and scams.

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11 Badass Conspiracy Theories


Even with Bush out of the oval office, and 9/11 many years in our rear view mirror, America is still fascinated by conspiracy theories. Why? Well, who doesn’t love tapped phones, untraceable weapons, and secret government agents in Ray Bans?

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Who Done it? Best Conspiracy Theories in Sports History


If you enjoyed the movie JFK, you’re probably a fan of conspiracy theories.

Oliver Stone’s perfectly painted picture almost certainly proves that Lee Harvey Oswald was not a lone gunman in the assassination of President Kennedy. Sports fans can be as much in the lunatic fringe as conspiracy theorists. And those who find themselves on the wrong side of a questionable outcome are quick to conjure a premeditated scheme.

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