Italy is probably one of the best countries to explore, as due to its rich history and cultural heritage, you can also learn about other countries that were once under the rule of Rome.

Of course, Italy as we know it now is much different than just one hundred years before, which just means that visiting one part of it will not mean that you know everything about this country.

On the other hand, going to some world-known cities like Venice is highly recommended, as this city truly is one of a kind due to its geographic position and its rich history.

Now, besides Grand Canal gondola rides and Piazza San Marco, in order to truly experience everything this city has to offer, finding those hidden gems is the key, and this list should help with that.

1. San Michele (Isola Di San Michele)


There are thousands of things to do, see, explore, taste, learn, and discover in Venice, which is why it is so popular regardless of how many times you visit Venice, as it seems like there is always something new you haven’t done or checked out.

Now, there are two types of tourists, those who are more about checking out famous spots about some destination and those who prefer to get a more authentic experience and check out places where locals go.

The difference is that if one really wants to find out how people here live, the second option will give you a much better insight, and above all, finding a quiet spot in Venice that not many people know about will just enhance the overall experience.

As for why San Michele is on this list, this hidden gem is actually an island in the Venetian Lagoon and is associated with the sestiere of Cannaregio. It is not that popular among tourists, yet visiting it will leave you in awe as this entire island is not inhabited, as it has served as Venice’s cemetery since 19 century.

Okay, we agree that it might not be the most romantic place in Venice, yet it’s still a great place to escape from crowdy streets and enjoy the peace and quiet while glancing over many churches and pretty long rows of marble tombs.

Understandably, since it is considered a sacred place, you need to dress properly, like you would need to enter any church. Overall, this island should be on everyone’s must-visit list, as this experience will help you understand more about Venice and the people living here.

2. The M9 Museum


Those fascinated by Italy’s rich history and culture must visit this museum that opened in 2018, as here, they can learn everything they might want to know about this magnificent country.

The exterior of the building itself is a great mix of history and modern art, and just a glance over the building gives way to a vast selection of various interactive pieces and installations regarding the history of Italy.

Even though this building is new, it fits perfectly with the location, as it is a newly restored area of Venice, and once you step in, don’t be surprised if you end up spending hours wandering around and soaking art. The good thing is that the museum also has a restaurant and a bar where you can take a short break and enjoy various dishes from Italian cuisine.

3. Scuola Grande Di San Marco

Visiting a hospital is usually not on a bucket list, but the one in Venice is definitely worth seeing. Namely, the building that is now used as a hospital is an old Scuola Grande Di San Marco, built in 1261, and the real hidden gem is located upstairs.

All you need to do is enter the hospital, go upstairs, and you will find a Museum of the History of Medicine, which is completely free to visit. There are many books and medical equipment to see, and you can learn more about the origins of medicine, but the most wonderful is the breathtaking ceiling, so make sure to look up.

4. Church of San Pantalon

Speaking about the ceilings, the one that every person who visits Venice needs to see is located in the Church of San Pantalon. Although, at first glance, this church looks like any other, the ceiling inside it cannot leave anyone indifferent.

It is not only the largest one in entire Europe, with more than 40 canvases used for its creation, but it also leaves everyone speechless.

Many tourists do not even know about it, and most people do not enter the church because they do not expect to see something this spectacular inside, which is why this small church is one of the most beautiful hidden gems of entire Italy.

Unfortunately, they sometimes do not respect the working hours, so the best time to visit is during the daily mass, which is every day at 6 PM.

5. Scalinata del Bovolo


It is most likely that you will not find Scalinata del Bovolo among the main attraction in Venice, which does not mean you should skip visiting it. The palace and its spiral stairs are made in late Gothic style, and they are an attraction for themselves, but the view from the top of the palace is something that no one can forget.

Namely, once you get to the top of the stairs, you will have a perfect view of Venice, its canals, and the sea that surrounds it. For those who want to take some amazing photos that they will show to their friends and family, Scalinata del Bovolo is one of the best places to do that.

Final thoughts

Everyone who plans to travel to Italy should plan to visit Venice, and when it comes to this one-of-a-kind city, it is necessary to set aside enough time to explore it. Main attractions should be on every tourist’s bucket list, but those who want to learn more about Venice and see something different should search for the hidden gems, and these are just some of them worth seeing.