When you are still youthful at heart, age is just a number. The golden years of your life, when you are like a free spirit and have no societal influence, begin when you are 60. The likelihood of being more vulnerable to various health conditions at this age is prevalent.

As medical inflation rises, a single hospital stay might exhaust your savings, especially if you have no stable income after retirement. However, if you have health insurance, you won’t need to be concerned. Let’s examine why older adults require senior citizen health insurance in India.

What is Medical Insurance for Senior Citizens?


Medical insurance for 60 years or older is one of the most necessary requirements, as they become more susceptible to falling sick. The elderly are covered under this plan for hospitalization and unexpected medical expenses. Numerous chronic and lifestyle diseases, such as cancer, renal failure, heart failure, stroke, etc., are included in this plan.

Senior health insurance covers hospital expenses, surgery, medication, and rehabilitation. Additionally, it has additional benefits that enable you to make existing coverage foolproof.

How does Health Insurance Keep Senior Citizens Safe?

Senior health insurance has become essential and prevalent for the elderly due to the growing expense of healthcare and medical inflation.

As you age, you could become more susceptible to catastrophic illnesses, chronic conditions, and even pandemics like the coronavirus. Health insurance has always been considered a significant investment, particularly after retirement.

Benefits of Senior Citizen Health Insurance


Read below some of its important benefits:

  • Pre- and post-hospitalization, in-patient hospitalization, and domiciliary hospitalization are a few benefits covered under senior citizen health insurance.
  • You can easily avail of cashless hospitalization in one of the network cashless hospitals of your insurance provider.
  • The financial strain on older people gets less when their ongoing medical expenses, prescription medications, therapy, and dialysis are covered.
  • Annual health checkups maintain tabs on your health.
  • Under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961 of India, you can easily get tax exemption.
  • Additionally, health insurance providers like Care Health Insurance cover ambulance costs and organ donors.

Therefore, getting the best health insurance plan to live in your latter years without having to take stress about finances during any medical emergency. Senior citizens in India either lack health insurance or have insufficient coverage, as there is hardly any awareness about the importance of health insurance for senior citizens.

Also, it is taken for granted as they feel they are in fine fettle and will not fall sick. Senior citizens must therefore have medical insurance that is exclusively tailored to their requirements in mind, such as the Senior Citizen Health Insurance Policy from Care Health Insurance.

Care Health Insurance believes in offering seamless services to customer who is vulnerable and needs immediate assistance. It is the finest choice for seniors as it covers their medical expenses and keeps them away from all health concerns.