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In these modern days, barcodes have revolutionized the way we conduct business. There are countless ways that they have made our everyday lives easier and more efficient. However, using them does not have to be such a very serious undertaking. We are here to show you how you can actually have fun.

Can you think of anything more exciting than a treasure hunt?  Technology has made it possible to use barcodes to create a unique and very special kind of treasure hunt. Each clue will be a QR code and during this unique treasure hunt, participants will scan each QR code which in turn will connect them to a website that will have the clue that will lead them on to the next clue, right up until they find the treasure.

Many retailers use this modern treasure hunt in order to boost awareness of their business and portray their business as modern and engaging and thereby increase their sales. The prize at the end of the treasure hunt could be a voucher to use in-store or online. This will encourage people to become returning and loyal customers. These are three dimensional and consist of a square image which has a large number of black modules set against a white background. They are used by businesses throughout the world. You can link them to your business website.

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There are two main uses of Quick Response codes. Firstly, they are used in marketing business by providing clients with information such as the products or services that a business offers, promotions, as well as the contact details of the business. The biggest benefit of using these codes is that they are able to store a lot more information than either one dimensional or two dimensional. This makes them very versatile. They are also used in certain applications such as SnapScan, which allows clients to pay for their purchases using their Smartphones.

We see that they are also being used on concert tickets in order to control who enters the concert area. Another use for them is at tourist attractions. Visitors can scan the individual codes in order to access information about the tourist attraction itself, for example, a map of the area or other information about what is on offer. Restaurants can use them to advertise their menu or any other specials that they are currently running. These codes are bringing the tourism and hospitality sector into the 21st Century. Technology has assisted in this transformation.

Many artists throughout the world are having fun using barcodes as inspiration in their works of art. The ones they have used as inspiration are the more popular retail formats. The most common and popular ones are the UPC and EAN barcodes. These are one-dimensional codes that originate in America. EAN barcodes are 13 digits long and the UPC is 12 digits. They are mostly used in the sales process in retailers throughout the world. These codes can be read about in more detail here .

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More and more graffiti on buildings are being designed with these EAN barcodes as inspiration. This is a powerful way to get your message across to the masses. There are a few trusted resellers that provide both UPC and EAN barcodes at the most reasonable prices.

Architects are also jumping onto the barcode bandwagon and designing buildings based on barcodes. The most famous example of this is the Shtrikh Kod building in St. Petersburg in Russia which pictures can be seen here Pinterest Shtrikh Kod.

Another popular example is the Barcode Hall in Lingang New City, China, which was designed by Meinhard von Gerkan in 2008.
Creative artists are also designing furniture and wall hangings in this theme. This provides a fun and modern way to decorate your house. Many houses throughout the world are being transformed with barcode inspired rugs for the floors and lanterns hanging from the ceilings.

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In these modern days, of course gaming has become one of the most popular activities that people young and old use to relax and to have fun, either alone or with friends. Designers have come up with video games that are based on barcodes. The most famous game designed using this concept is called Skannerz. This game was created in 2000 and has since taken the world by storm. The idea behind the game is that you have to catch monsters by scanning them as well as going into battle with other players. This is a very unique way to have fun.

What about decorating your body? Tattoo artists are now designing tattoos based on the theme of barcodes. This is a very unique and interesting way to make a statement using your own body. Even salons are becoming inspired it is now possible to have your nails painted with barcodes as the pattern.

We are very excited about how technology has changed and developed over the years. Not only are barcodes improving our work environments, but they are also improving all the other aspects of our lives. We are finding new ways to improve the business environment with the use of them.

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Resellers of barcodes are able to provide you with a wide variety of different formats. They are fully equipped to meet all your unique requirements in order to boost your business success. Their service is speedy and before you know it, you will be set up with all you need for your business. All of their packages come with a certificate of authentication that guarantees that the barcodes are completely unique and have not been utilized before. There are no renewal fees or hidden costs to worry about. Once you have paid, they are yours for life.

Do not hesitate to purchase your EAN barcodes or QR’s today for your business and join in on the modern times of technology.