World of Warcraft Shadowland is a roleplaying game developed by Blizzard entertainment. Initially, the system was formed to develop a novel, and soon after that, the idea was changed. The developers decided to create a unique roleplaying game to fulfill the needs of gaming lovers.

The graphics and background music are good enough to attract people and make them play all the time. At first, this game was available for preorder on the Blizzcon platform, so the game was sold on various platforms soon after that. It was first launched in 2019, and soon after that, the game has attained much importance among gamers.


Moreover, it is a game of strategic planning, so anyone can easily plan their moves and play accordingly to attain greater heights in-game. Players might consider themselves as the character in the game and enter the world of fairy tales.

But it is a must to know the easiest and hardest mythic+ dungeons in WOW shadows so that players can easily pass on the missions in games in a better way. Click here  to know more about the WOW shadowland game and strategy to play the game in a better way.

Top 2 Hardest Mythic+ Dungeons Along With Tricks To Clear The Missions

Generally, people might prefer to avoid those toughest keys, but sometimes players cannot avoid the most challenging mythic key in the game. So soon after getting this kind of key, players will not have an option for skipping those hardest missions in the game, so it is a must to play and clear all the missions even after getting the hardest key in mythic+ dungeon.

1. PlagueFall

Probably players must have seen this mission as the easiest dungeon in the list, but it might feel tougher in some other harder packs, so it is a must to follow some basic strategies for clearing this kind of mission in WoW Shadowland. One important trick that can be followed for getting better results to clear missions is poisoning the dispelling members in the mission.

The mechanical bosses in this mission might be tricky, so the players might find it difficult to pass on the mission. Even the last boss in the mission might be challenging, so anyone can easily use the acid rain in the tentacles to heal themselves and clear the mission with ease.

Like playing other dungeons, players can easily play this dungeon and pass the mission without any issues. Most probably, the bosses might seem to be tougher because of the Hp as the game might provide your opponent bosses with extra HP. So follow some basic strategy and have a better gameplay experience to complete the missions with ease.

2. Necrotic Wake


The actual game begins with necrotic wake as the players will be bringing decent damage to the opponent’s bosses. So without providing decent damage, it will be a critical task for people to defeat the boss in that particular mission. Make sure to attack the opponent properly at a specific time. The system works with a timer, so players must follow the timer to complete the missions with ease.

The first boss is like hell, and this boss can punish the players who don’t prefer to follow the tricks to clear missions. The second boss in this mission is comparatively easier than the first one, so people should clear this boss with utmost care.

Moreover, the last two bosses might let players lose all the keys, so it is necessary to have a better strategy and protect the keys without spending a lot to clear a single mission. Players who prefer to win by creating low damages to the bosses might suffer a lot as the possibilities for defeating are less.

Top 2 Easiest Mythic+ Dungeon

1. Halls Of Atonement


This mission might favor players who prefer to push keys. Hot is slightly different from other dungeons as the dungeon is front-loaded. It will be easy to complete the percentage of missions by playing in default settings; players can complete an overall percentage of 85 to 90% mob progression when they reach the second boss.

But in general, players can attain 80% as the overall score when they reach the second boss. So other than these criteria, players can easily clear this mission and enter into the next level. So soon after entering higher levels, players should make sure to stay inside the circle for a particular time. Soon after clearing some stages, anyone can change the strategy and play accordingly to have a better gameplay experience.

2. Spires Of Ascension

The SOA mission is slightly tougher than other easy missions on the list, but it is easier than the tough missions found in the WoW shadowland dungeon game. SOA might be easy to handle with CC and interrupts, so anyone can easily use this mission and attain tags.

Players can easily pull out trash packs with care, so anyone approaches the game with care to pull out some trash packs that might help people in critical situations. Even the final boss in this mission might seem tricky because of the heavy damages produced by the opponent boss. One more important thing to consider before getting into this mission is angles. Players should never pull out three angles at the same time. So make sure to play with care and attain a separate position in WoW Shadowlands.

Final Words

Hence, in this article, people must have seen the hardest and easiest mythic+ dungeon so anyone can read it and better understand how to clear missions with ease. It might be hard to complete a task without keys, so make sure to save a lot of keys and have a better strategy to clear complicated missions.