Are you tired of always having to wear false eyelashes or use mascara to make your eyelashes look thicker? You can encourage the growth of your eyelashes in a way that is not only natural but also safe, effective, and cheap.

In this post, we’ll talk about 12 effective ways to grow your eyelashes, from natural therapies to over-the-counter products, so you can get the lashes you’ve always wanted but could never get.

The eyelash growth cycle has three phases: the anagen phase, also called the growth phase, the catagen phase, also called the transition phase, and the telogen phase, also called the resting phase. Because each hair follicle goes through these phases on its own, some lashes can be in the growing phase while others are in the resting phase at the same time.

Before getting into the specific steps that can help you grow your eyelashes, you need to know the basics of how eyelashes grow.

A. The Structure and Function of the Eyelash

Keratin, a type of protein, is layered several times from each eyelash. They can move because they are related to very few muscles that are near the hair follicle that holds them to the eyelid.

B. The Growth Process of the Eyelashes

There are three stages in the growth cycle eyelashes go through anagen, catagen, and telogen. Lashes continue to actively grow for as long as 45 days throughout the Anagen phase. Catagen is the stage in which the eyelash follicle stops producing new lashes and begins to contract. By the end of the Telogen phase, the lash will finally come out, and during this phase, a new lash will start to form in its place.


C. The Most Frequent Factors Contributing to Eyelash Thinning and Loss

Age, hormonal imbalances, certain medical diseases, and certain drugs can all be contributors to lash loss and thinning, but age is the most common cause of these problems. In addition, the use of harsh cosmetics, an unhealthy diet, and inappropriate maintenance of the lashes can all have adverse effects on eyelash health.

What Factors Influence the Development of Eyelashes?

Eyelash growth can be affected by several factors, including heredity, age, changes in hormone levels, and medical disorders.

However, certain beauty products and lifestyle practices, such as using strong makeup removers, sleeping in eye makeup, pulling or rubbing the lashes, and sleeping with eye makeup on can damage eyelashes and slow the creation of new eyelashes.

By gaining an awareness of these aspects, you will be able to determine the fundamental cause of your eyelash issues and select the most appropriate strategy for growth.

These Are 12 of the Best Methods to Promote Eyelash Growth


1. Petroleum Jelly

Although there is no evidence to support this in the scientific community, there is anecdotal evidence that suggests that applying petroleum jelly to the lash line before going to bed can encourage growth.

2. Aloe Vera

In addition to its calming effects, aloe vera has been shown to encourage new hair development, particularly the creation of eyelashes.

3. Green Tea

The antioxidants and flavonoids included in green tea have been shown to encourage hair development, particularly the formation of eyelashes.

4. Biotin

Biotin, which is sometimes referred to as vitamin B7, is a vital component for the formation of healthy hair, including eyelashes. Biotin supplements can help.

5. Supplements of Vitamin E Vitamin E

Supplements of Vitamin E Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that can improve hair health and boost growth when taken in supplement form.


6. Lash Serums

MD Lash factor Eyelash serums that can be purchased over the internet, help stimulate the growth of lashes. However, this product is quite pocket friendly according to its price and great results.

7. Eyelash Extensions

If you are seeking a quick way to get thicker lashes immediately, a temporary solution that eyelash extensions can provide is something to consider.

8. Lash Lifts

In a manner analogous to that of eyelash extensions, lash lifts can improve the appearance of your natural lashes by lifting and curling them, so giving the impression that they are larger.

9. Stay away from Makeup Removers That Are Harsh

As was discussed before, utilizing makeup removers that are too strong can cause damage to the lashes and slow the growth of new lashes. Choose products with a milder formulation or try using cleaning oil.

10. Remove Eye Makeup Before Going to Bed

It is important to remove eye makeup before going to bed, as sleeping in it can cause the hair follicles to become clogged, which can result in lash breakage. Before going to bed, you should always remove your eye makeup.

11. Limit Mascara Use

The use of mascara can improve the appearance of lashes, but excessive usage of the eye care product can lead to lash breakage and can slow growth.

12. Be Gentle

As a final piece of advice, handle your lashes with care. Avoid rubbing, pulling, or tugging on them, since this can harm the hair follicles and inhibit growth.