The Great Ocean Road is the perfect place to properly experience Australia. It is known to have one of the best scenic views during a drive in the world. Thousands of people come here every day to experience that amazing drive that cannot be compared with anything else. Here are some of the top reasons why you should visit this place.


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It is well-known that Australia is very famous for its diverse wildlife where you can easily connect with nature. However, instead of spending hundreds of US dollars on wildlife parks and preservations in Australia, you should consider driving the Great Ocean Road. Next to this road, you can easily spot wild kangaroos, wallabies or koalas just by driving around the road. There are several huge fields of grass where you will surely see a group of kangaroos. If you are interested in bird spotting then you can also see hundreds of different bird species that you can check off your list. There are also small and tightly packed forests with eucalyptus trees where you can spot wild koalas sleeping or eating leaves.

9Bells beach

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This beach is very famous for its huge waves which are why there are numerous surfing competitions throughout the year. If you are interested in learning to surf and relax, Bells Beach is a perfect choice. If you ever get bored with surfing you could also go snorkeling, walking around the coast enjoying nature or even go skydiving. If you are more of a person who likes to chill out, then you can just get a few beers from the local shop or bar and enjoy the sun and ocean.

8Apollo Bay

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Since we are talking about beaches, we cannot go without mentioning the Apollo bay. This is a huge, flat beach where you can catch big waves to surf on and you can also experience the beautiful scenic views when you are on those long walks along the coast. There are also quite a few places where you can go drinking or eat something tasty.

7The Twelve Apostles

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One of the most famous natural landmarks in Australia is right there next to the Great Ocean Road. The Twelve Apostles are a collection of twelve rocks that were sculpted by the constant waves from the ocean. This is probably one of the most photographed scenic views in Australia because it really shows how powerful water can be over time. Sadly the apostles are no longer twelve, as four of them have already collapsed because of the constant hits from the ocean. So if you are ever planning to see them, make sure you do it as soon as possible, because who knows when the others will fall too?

6The rainforests

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By driving along the Great Ocean Road in Australia you will enter a part of the Otway National Park. You can stop anywhere you want and walk around these huge rainforests where you can find giant ferns, narrow valleys with beautiful waterfalls and more. This is an unforgettable sightseeing opportunity that you should not miss out on.


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The Great Ocean Road has one of the best camping sites in Australia. Blanket Bay is probably one of the best campsites you can find along the road during summer days and it even has its own private beach. While getting to the Blanket Bay you will also pass along the place with the biggest population for Koalas which can be a big plus.

4The road has a big historical value

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This 250-kilometer road was built after World War I as a memorial. It was done to increase the employment rate for people who served in the war and to honor the ones who gave their lives for the country. You can see the Great Ocean Road Heritage Center where you find out about the road’s building process and its history.

After the road was finished, the Memorial Arch was also built as a tribute to the workers who made the road and the soldiers of World War I. This is a great opportunity to make some awesome photos if you are ever near the town Lorne. Next to the arch, you will also find a big sculpture that was built 75 years after the road was finally finished. If you are want to know more about the history of this road you should view more here.

3The Loch Ard Gorge

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This gorgeous view of two cliffs that form an entrance into the gorge is named after a ship that crashed there more than a hundred years ago. The two stone pillars inside of the gorge are named after the only two survivors of the crashed ship, Eva and Tom. This is certainly a place that you should not miss out on since the view is truly breathtaking. There are a couple of paths you could follow if you are interested in exploration or you could relax a couple of hours on the tiny beach with the beautiful blue colored water.

2You don’t have to drive it

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Another famous activity on this side of Australia is to do the Great Ocean Walk instead of driving it. The walk usually lasts somewhere around 8 days and follows the coastline between the Twelve Apostles and Apollo Bay which is around a hundred kilometers. You can freely customize how you will spend the days during your walk. Each day can bring you a unique experience like never before no matter if you choose to walk under those huge trees in the rainforests, climb the rocky shores or if you simply want to walk along the beaches where you can find deserted ships and boats.

1Whale Watching

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Every single year between the months of June and Septemeber, the Southern Right whales come to Warrnambool which is at the end of the Great Ocean Road. Luckily for us, the whales start to calve only just a few hundred meters from the shore, so you can easily spot them. There are several platforms built just for this occasion, so if you are near the end of your trip somewhere around August, make sure that you enjoy this scenic view of whales splashing around.


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