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When you are playing at a casino it is very hard to decide whether you should go with your guts or with the odds. Having a gut feeling is a real thing. Has your gut feeling ever been wrong?
Personally, mine has not. If my gut is telling me to do something, I usually go with it – take a look at However, there is no scientific or mathematical evidence backing up a gut feeling. There is evidence showing the odds of a casino. So, do you follow the fact? Or feeling?

1. Going with the odds

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Unlike a gut feeling, odds are always there. A few hours on the internet will give you all the casino odds you need. The odds allow you to decide what games you want to play. Are you a risk-taker? Then try your luck at Keno or slots. Feeling apprehensive? Don’t want to bet all your money on one card? Go for a game with safer odds like Blackjack.

The biggest disadvantage of going with the odds is that they are never great. Even the games with the greatest odds are still pretty slim. Casinos are made so that the house wins. So, trying to beat a casino is not easy. The odds will never truly be on your side.

However, you will have a greater chance of winning a game with the best odds. It has been proven. Mathematically, when the odds are high, so are your chances are winning,

2. Relying on your gut

No one knows what a gut feeling is, but it is used frequently. New gamblers and casual players rely heavily on their intuitions. Relying purely on your gut feeling is not recommended. Gamers generally believe that if they are making a ‘bad’ choice then their gut will alert them. This is not always true.

Your gut does not know what card you are going to get or where the ball will land. However, like casinos, gut feelings are randomized. Casinos are based on luck. Gut feelings are based on feeling. Luck and feel are very similar. They have no proof of success, but they can work in your favor.

You can be lucky, and your gut feeling can be right. Relying solely on your gut, betting your life savings on a feeling. That decision is yours entirely. If you want to take a gamble, feeling risky? Then trust your gut.

3. Which one do you go with?

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It is a matter of head or heart? Do you follow the odds? The odds can give you an idea of what gamers are safer, yet they can not guarantee a win. Or do you follow your heart? Your gut feeling. Which is based purely on how you’re feeling. Yet again it cannot guarantee a win. Either choice is a risk. However, the ideal thing to do is to combine the gut feeling with the knowledge of odds to get the best results. You can try and start with your gut feeling initially and then as the game proceeds look at the odds. By doing so you will know what works best for you and then you can play all the games confidently. However, if you want to completely get away with the gut feeling you should think again. There have been studies on the strange phenomena where a person’s mind and the body tries to keep them safe.

When it comes to gambling, mainly the beginners or casual players opt to go with their gut feeling. However, professional gamblers prefer going with the odds.

It would help if you went with your gut feeling instead of going with the odds only when you can predict the win accurately. Make sure to play only those games that have the best odds and the ones that come with the lowest house edges. Also, make sure to learn new strategies to master such games.

4. Avoid The Grind

Grind is often termed as the worst nightmare of a gambler. It happens when someone gets stuck and loses their money because they placed many wrong bets. This can happen even to the most experienced gamblers out there.

It happens especially if the players fail to consider the fact that the house edge, in reality, applies to the amount they are wagering and not the entire amount in their bankroll.

Players often go with games such as Blackjack with a lower house edge. However, they end up playing that game for a longer period, which means that every bet adds up, and the total bet amount becomes more than the amount in their bankroll.

The most effective method to avoid grind is to play games with a lower house edge, such as blackjack, but avoid playing it for an extended period as it will decrease your odds of increasing your bankroll.

5. Play Casino Games That Have The Best Odds

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We all know that the house edge differs according to the game rules. In general, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and video poker games have the best odds amongst all the casino games.

If you are a skilled player, you can lower the house edge using your skills, although it will take a lot of time and commitment. There is a possibility that you can reduce the house edge to 1% or even low at 0.5%. Hence, make sure to opt for games with the best odds and a low house edge.


It is a general rule that games with larger jackpots have bigger house edges. From the viewpoint of odds, certain online slot games do not have good odds, and rather, there is always a possibility to hit the grind. Hence, research well before you start to play. Also, remember that a bet with good odds means double the money invested or nothing.

Now that we have covered all the possible points, how to determine what you should opt for when playing on an online casino? Well, it all comes down to taking calculated risks. You can choose to go with the odds or with your gut feeling. Alternatively, you can choose to combine the two to get the best of both.

As per a mathematical study, our gut feeling impacts every decision we make. Whereas, we see odds happening around us daily.