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In order to obtain Australian citizenship, it’s required for every applicant to complete the citizenship test. Many applicants make the mistake by believing that this test varies from time to time. However, we can see that it’s exactly the opposite. In fact, every applicant needs to complete 20 questions, which are written in the English language. In order to pass this test, the score that needs to be achieved is 75%. In case the test doesn’t have this score, the applicant will have the opportunity to take the test once again. In some cases, this second chance will not be offered, but chances for this happening are pretty slim.

It would need something highly unusual to happen for a person not to be granted another try. Thankfully, everyone interested in taking this test will have the chance to practice before officially taking the test. You can check this site and take a look at these practice tests. Also, it should be known that the costs of these tests will be covered by the amount an applicant invests in the citizenship application. You can take these tests either by at the center or online. Now, let us take a look at some of the best ways you can prepare yourself for taking an Australian citizenship test.

1. Learn About the Country as Much as You can

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The highest percentage of questions that will appear on Australian citizenship tests are questions about Australia’s culture and democracy. Therefore, you should conduct thorough research about these topics, outside the practice tests you will be able to take. Thankfully, the highest percentage of these answers can be found online, without investing too much effort on the applicant’s behalf. Since we are talking about a culturally diverse country, where a lot of different ethnicities live, it goes without saying that there is a lot to cover.

At the same time, learning important years and facts about Australia’s history. Also, surely some of these tests will have some questions related to Australia’s indigenous people, Aborigines. Therefore, it can be expected that some of the questions will be related directly to this topic. Plus, easily a couple of questions will be related to the topic of the country’s flag. For example, what different colors on the flag represent and what is the symbolism behind it. Without a doubt, there would be questions about the biggest cities in the country, which should be answered almost perfectly.

Furthermore, some of the basic responsibilities and rights, granted by the country’s constitution, need to be known pretty well. Also, the whole government and legal system need to be known to the smallest details. Surely, the person who takes this exam is looking to live in this country. Also, the concept of three arms of the government needs to be explained to the smallest possible details. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that these requirements need to be fulfilled in the best possible manner.

2. Take Practice Tests

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It goes without saying that achieving a perfect score directly depends on how much an applicant knows. Also, more importantly, how much has he or she practiced. We’ve already mentioned that there are a couple of credible websites where examples of these exams can be taken in order to make the knowledge solid. The reason why this is important is that there are a lot of questions that differ from exam to exam. So, in order to avoid getting stuck on some of the questions, the practice is essential.

Surely, when a question is harder, an applicant needs to invest a little bit more time before the answer is provided in the best possible manner. Surely, you will be able to cover a plethora of questions by using these. As we’ve already stated, there are a lot of different questions that you can expect on the official exam. Therefore, taking a look at these more than a dozen times before you are confident enough that you have all the resources and knowledge to pass this test successfully, by achieving a 75% score.

3. Check Additional Sources

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When all of the things important for the Australian citizenship exam have been covered, and all the practice tests are covered a couple of dozens of times, it can happen that some people are still not satisfied with what they’ve been able to accomplish. Therefore, this is the moment when checking some of the additional sources is an absolute must. You can take a look at some of the practice exams directly provided by the country’s government.

There are two most prominent ones, which consist of 20 questions that are one of the most usual ones to witness in the official test. Therefore, this shouldn’t be considered as basic practice exams. Instead, we are talking about the exams provided directly by the government. Also, there is nothing wrong with checking some of the official documents, which can help you on your journey to prepare yourself for this test a little bit better.

Living in Australia

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What many people don’t know about this country, is that Australia is a democratic and peaceful country that hasn’t experienced any kind of war or conflict. Therefore, both locals and immigrants are proud of their country since they are able to live peacefully and to prosper in any possible way. Also, it should be pointed out that locals are accepting every immigrant in the best possible way.

So, you can be sure that there are no racial or religious conflicts going on in this country. The best example on which we can see this is the Aboriginal case. Surely, there were conflicts at the beginning of the country’s birth. However, they are now part of Australian society. The reason is why this society is pretty welcoming of immigrants is that the highest percentage of the country’s population are descendants of immigrants that came to this country in the past 200 years.

Christianly is a religion that dominates the country. However, it should be said that there are a plethora of other religions that are completely free to spread their word in this country. Living in this country means that knowing the English language is an absolute must since this is an official language.