2020 has been defined by the pandemic and the order to stay at home. Staying at home means going out to work is restricted and you are forced to find ways of making money using the internet. There are many great opportunities for earning cash online, Borgata Online recommends taking up a trading online option, there’s also the option of working as a virtual assistant to an executive.

You will be surprised and delighted by the flexibility and portability of earning from home. While the pandemic has been a huge threat, there are opportunities to improve your lifestyle by changing the way you work. While it might seem risky to change your career right now when everything is so uncertain, it could be a way to help you recover, reduce stress, and even prosper in these times.

With all these possibilities for a new life in mind, let’s explore the opportunities that exist on the internet.

1. Become a photographer

Image source: banger.cz

While we are not suggesting that you set up your own photography studio, it is still possible for you to earn a living out of selling your photos. There are sites online that are a library for all sorts of stock images and many pay you per download. Check out Shutterstock and Getty’s Images as two potential places to submit your photographs, so you can sell them to a wider market.

There is, of course, always the option of opening your own direct print and mail shop on sites like Etsy or Squarespace as well. With the incredibly simple, user-friendly template builders, a website for your budding business is quick and easy to prepare. Not to mention that if you outsource the printing, packaging, and shipping of your products to a company that will print on demand the stress of production disappears, and (other than marketing your product and services) you can pretty much just sit back and let your site do the work of earning the money for you.

2. Become a copywriter

While being a professional copywriter takes all sorts of training and background knowledge, there are jobs out there that you could do to get you started. It is then possible to train yourself on the job in the techniques that will make you successful. There are sites such as Fiverr, Upwork’s, and People Per Hour where people post work they need doing. You can bid for that work and away you go. Show the right stuff and they will give you positive testimonials and your career as a copywriter has started.

The great thing about copywriting is that it can be done wherever you are in the world and it is a mega-industry always looking for fresh talent. If you have a voice and possess a quality vocabulary, it isn’t that difficult to get started. It may, however, take you a little time and investment to make a decent amount of money but, once you are on the inside and considered a professional copywriter, there are opportunities galore.

3. Teach English

Image source: oaeducation.org

People around the world realize the importance of speaking and writing English – it is the language of business and the major language of the internet. Therefore, there are many opportunities for people to become teachers of English as a foreign language. You can definitely begin your career online, completing a TEFL course. Then, you can offer online tutorials with people around the world. Some companies even hire people to teach English over the phone to adult students.

4. Become a podcaster, blogger, or vlogger

If you have something to say and are willing to speak it or write it, then you can make your money on the internet while the obvious way to make money is to set up a site and attract visitors and then sell advertising space. The other option is to become an affiliate, where your blog, vlog, or podcast becomes a vehicle for reviewing other products, which include links. When one of your audience clicks on the link, you are paid. Another option, which pays much more generously, is to establish the reputation of your space and then seek commercial sponsorship.

5. Help others develop websites

Image source: pexels.com

If you are a master at web development and can knock up a snappy website, then these are marketable skills. Go to the freelancing sites and offer your services and from there you could build your business. If you are not good at content development but can do back-end development – just subcontract the copywriting to another person at home looking to make a living out of the internet.

6. Become a translator

If you are multilingual then you really do have the most amazingly marketable skill. You could work for Welocalize, which was ranked in the top 20 of all companies offering remote positions in 2024. There is so much need in the world for people who can transpose text from one language into another accurately and precisely. It is also a perfect opportunity to travel around the world – once 2024 has disappeared into history.

7. Dropshipping

Image source: pexels.com

Dropshipping sounds hard – but it isn’t really. You create an inventory of products, which are held, stored, and delivered by a third party. You act as the salesperson for these products. You never need to pay a thing for the maintenance and delivery of your inventory beyond the original cost and the service charge.

It is best suited for ecommerce and online retailers who sell mass-produced products, such as cell phone accessories, electronics, t-shirts, kitchen tools, and personal care. Dropshipping fees and increased shipping rates may cut margins and slightly lower profit. Still, for new online start-ups, this inventory method also allows for more flexibility with cash flow with less risk of acquiring dead stock. So, if you are looking for a dropshipping company, Printify, Printbest, Shirtspace, can help you to make a good choice.

You can buy a product in bulk and then sell these for a profit on sites such as Amazon and Shopify. The risk is in the money you put into the stock – but do your homework and you can make a lot of money without having to do too much work.

From tutoring to typing, proofreading to coaching people through life, there are a host of roles that you can do from your kitchen table. It then means that once the travel restrictions life, you can then choose to work from wherever you like in the world – all you will need is an internet connection!