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The importance of responsible gambling is one thing that everyone in the gambling world can approve. Nobody wants to experience trouble in this potentially seductive activity. In New Zealand, apart from enforcing laws to maintain a fair and safe gambling environment, Gambling Helplines are also established to help the New Zealanders who face gambling problems.

Gambling participation has increased in this country despite the strict gambling regulation there. Reducing the gambling-related harms requires strong policies as well as effective organizations that can support those who suffer from gambling issues. How does Aotearoa apply its approach to prevent gambling harms and to help players that struggle with gambling? Here are the top gambling helplines for the Kiwis players.

Casino sites are there to help if you experience any kind of gambling addiction problems. When they see your playing behaviour or if you request to, they can close your casino account and put up a gambling ban on all the brands they own. You can do this easy but going to your account and requesting a closure because of addiction problems. Please mind that open amounts will be paid out, but if there are locked bonuses you can’t cash it out. More information about locked bonuses and how they work can be found at

After closing you can choose to have it closed for a time span or lifetime. Be careful as you can not re-open any account with this gambling company as they are aware of your problems and doing everything they can to keep you out of their casino(s). In regulated markets like Italy and the UK this will also mean you will not be welcome in the land based casinos of this company and you will be registered in the ‘problem player’ database. Although this seems a little drastic, it is a good thing to get you off your addiction and not playing again.

Facts about Problem Gambling in New Zealand

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One important thing that deserves to be mentioned in the New Zealand Gambling Act is the ban on remote interactive gambling. In fact, any online betting and gambling activities are prohibited there, but the Kiwis can bet or gamble at gambling websites via outside the country. This sovereign island country has a lower rate of problem gambling compared to other nations.

According to the survey, less than 2% of adults are vulnerable to becoming compulsive gamblers there. The slots are considered to be the most harmful type of gambling in this nation. The reason is simple; these games of chance encourage the gamblers to play for a long time and give them unrealistic impressions of winning.

Hence, significant measures are implemented to reduce the issues from these gaming machines. For example, the maximum stake on pokies is $2.50, and the highest prize for the jackpot machine is $1,000.00. To minimize the harms caused by gambling in Kiwi Country, the following renowned Gambling Helplines are in charge of supporting the problem gamblers.

1. NZ Gambling Helpline

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New Zealand is proud to be the world leader in its policy to tackle problem gambling. The crucial approach is creating organizations that focus on helping the gamblers affected by gambling issues. Gambling Helpline is a free body with the main goal to reduce gambling concerns within Aotearoa. The service freephone helpline can be reachable 24/7 and with immediate support.

Gambling Helpline works with another campaign like Choice Not Chance to minimize the harms related to gambling in this sovereign state. Actually, this agency can provide support and convenient schemes relating to the gambling harms with its qualified counselors. These programs are ideal for those who are suffering from gambling troubles because they include Maori Gambling Helpline, Pasifika Gambling Helpline, Debt Gambling Helpline, and Youth Gambling Helpline.

Apart from the phones, these players who experience difficulties can contact the advisors through email, texts, and forums. Moreover, this network also offers appropriate and robust information about the effects of gambling concerns on players’ life and those closest to them.

2. PGF

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New Zealand is a young country, but its approach to implementing responsible gambling is adequate and effective. PGF is another service that aims to support those who are experiencing gambling-related problems. PGF stands for Problem Gambling Foundation was founded on 16 October 2018.

This organization has a slogan “Counseling advice support,” meaning that it has the purpose to support and advise those who are affected by gambling issues. The service is free and provides impartial advice for anyone who needs help across New Zealand. The professional counselors can bring considerable consolation for the compulsive gamblers.

Besides, these qualified advisors also offer support programs to couples, families, and groups to motivate the victims to gain their self-control and true direction of life. To access this confidential support, the beneficiaries can contact PGF through the phone, live chat, and email.

3. Choice Not Chance

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Another effective campaign to increase life’s quality in New Zealand is Choice Not Chance. The project concentrates on applying targeted policy to change individuals’ conduct that is at risk of gambling harm. Besides, the program reinforces people’s consciousness and understanding of the gambling-related harms across this sovereign state.

Choice Not Chance focuses on helping the gamblers between 18 and 34 years-old with its schemes that are built specifically for these groups of people. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that people over the age of 34 cannot ask for help at Choice Not Chance. The campaign targets to help everyone that is involved with a problem gambling.

The staff is qualified to handle harms associated with different levels of gambling, and they are available 24/7. To seduce more and more players, the Choice Not Chance website comes with various storylines and quizzes. These forms of game can help the gamblers aware of the gambling issues’ impacts. The well-trained counselors can be reachable through phone and live chat.

4. Salvation Army Oasis

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With the popularity of the casino in New Zealand, Salvation Army Oasis was released in July 1997 to mitigate the gambling concerns in society. Headquartered in Auckland, this free and reliable support has the purpose of educating and advising people who are affected by gambling issues. Salvation Army Oasis is a Christian movement that is part of the universal Christian Church.

The network has qualified advisors with competence in encouraging and supporting people associated with gambling harms. Additionally, the Salvation Army provides public health services, including supporting safe gambling environments, policy development, awareness-raising and education, and much more. With this strong approach, those who experience gambling concerns will become motivated to change their behaviors for a healthy lifestyle. The Salvation Army Oasis organization can be contacted via phone, email, and video.

Alternative Ways to Overcome Gambling

New Zealand Gambling Commission

Out of these reputed Gambling Helplines, New Zealand has other ways to control the gambling sector. And when hearing the term “regulation”, the first thing that comes to mind is New Zealand Gambling Commission.

This powerful regulator is set-up under the Gambling Act 2003 and has the main responsibility to regulate and supervise the gambling industry in this nation. As it has the purpose of protecting the gamblers from problems related to gambling, this authority body can sanction the operators who don’t treat consumers fairly and even withdraw their licenses.

Department of Internal Affairs

Another service that works in a Kiwi country to prevent and reduce gambling issues is the Department of Internal Affairs known by acronyms DIA. This regulator engages in ensuring fair and transparent gambling in Aotearoa.

For example, the authority oversees the land-based and internet casinos. What’s more, DIA can also enforce gambling laws and issue licenses for the operators in this country. Aside from supervising and regulating the gambling firms there, DIA is also responsible for issuing passports, registering births, deaths, marriages, and other public services in New Zealand.