It’s no surprise that pets and human beings have a distinctive relationship. The bond that each share is one of pure love, joy, and excitement. Because of COVID-19 and the quarantine, we have been stuck at home for the majority of 2022. This can very easily take a toll on your mental health. Having a furry friend can help with your mental health both directly and indirectly. They help you deal with stress and anxiety while ensuring you are always feeling whole with their company. So, on that note, here are seven coping ways in which a furry friend will help your mental health.

1. They Help You Release Hormones of Happiness and Pleasure

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Hanging out with your pet will help release oxytocin, a hormone that helps you feel happy and loved. They also increase dopamine and other hormones associated with those feelings of admiration and contentment.  They will help you feel less lonely, boost your mood, and decrease the chance of your craving for loneliness or alone time. Having an animal around will help you feel safer, both physically and emotionally. Releasing hormones of this sort are healthy, and having natural sources that help induce those hormones in your body is the most healthful method.

2. They Bring Out the Best in You

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While interacting with your furry companion, one tends to be more caring, attentive, understanding, and loving. It is understandable, as this is a friend you wholeheartedly chose. You were not forced into this relationship. If anything, one can argue that you forced yourself on that furry friend of yours. We all look for ways through which we can find support and happiness. When you click here, you will learn about how animals nurture and emotionally support fellow pet owners in Washington State. Make use of this relationship in ways that will help bring the best out of you, because they can do just that. How you treat your furry friend is indicative of how you would treat an offspring of yours.

3. They Help Improve Your Self-Esteem

With a pet, you are always responsible for their well being and constant movement. You are forced into becoming more social, as you go out for jogs with the pet or a grocery visit for their food. You will also get to interact with other pet owners. In turn, you become more comfortable in your own skin and will start looking forward to trips of this sort. Having people, whether strangers or not, talk with you about things that you are passionate about will boost your self-esteem and mental health. Not only that, but you can ask them for guidance on how to treat your furry friend! That way, you become more considerate.

4. They Help You Understand Your Emotions Better

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Whether you are playful, fun to be around, serious, or more of an introvert, having a pet will highlight your emotions better. In that way, you will be able to deal with and understand them better. Emotional intelligence is not something that is easy to comprehend. There are numerous theories and methods through which we can try to, but one can never definitively understand the scope and extent through which emotional intelligence exists. A pet will not definitively answer those questions, but they will provide enough guidance for you to understand your own emotions better. After all, it is you that matters the most!

5. They Provide Social and Emotional Support

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Pets have the capacity to be psychologically close to their owners. Imagine coming home from a very stressful day to a furry friend who understands your struggles, even if they do not speak the same language. They do not have to say anything,  their company alone will provide the best kind of support you might need at that instant. According to studies, people who suffer from depression tend to find relief through the companionship of their pets. It feels different for people to interact with pets after a long day at work. The endless emotional support that you get from a being that doesn’t even understand your language is inexplicable, yet beautiful. It is a feeling that only loving pet owners are capable of understanding.

6. They Will Become Your Best friend

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Pets will help you get through a heartbreak, job loss, or literally anything that you are going through. They are the only being on the face of this earth that you can trust with a secret and definitively know they will not tell you to anyone. How could they? Most, if not all, of pets, are extremely loyal to their owners. Again, they do not have to understand what it is that you are saying, but they will always try to support you.

7. They Help You Build a Daily Routine

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With the responsibility that comes with taking care of a pet, you are set to force specific daily routines on yourself. Whether it is set times for walks, naps, food, or showering, you need a schedule with predetermined timing for things to not get chaotic. Furry friends are there to help bring your life back on track, not make it worse! Around your pet’s schedule, you can design a schedule of your own. With regular work, training, and resting times, you can enjoy an organized life that lacks distractions and concentrates on you.

It is safe to say that a furry friend will substantially improve your life. Now that you have this information in mind, you can rest assured that having a pet is much more than adding a member to your family. Your mental health will be dealt with in a caring way by beings who do not conventionally understand you, but rather by their psychological intelligence. Definitely, it is a blessing to come home to a friend that understands your emotions and is willing to help you through them. Not only that, but the other ways through which you benefit from this relationship is just as important and touching as you would expect.