First-time moms are always wondering how their future labor will take, how will it feel, how to know if it is for real or it is just a false alarm, which can happen as you will agree. It is pretty hard to predict all the answers to this question because every pregnancy and labor is different. So, in order to have a better experience as possible in labor, you should be informed about all of the signs that you can expect. Thankfully, we are here to provide you with some clearance. Without further ado, let us begin.

4Back Pain and Cramps

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Especially if you are pregnant for the first time you can experience an increase of back pain and some crampiness that is leading to your labor. The reason for this pain is that your joints and muscles are stretching and shifting in order to prepare you for successful labor. Of course, this is one of the signs that are mostly wasted as a false alarm. You have no guarantee that the labor will begin after the back pain starts. Thankfully, we will provide you with some extra signs that will give you a much clearer picture.


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One of the many muscles that will spread in order to prepare you for successful giving birth are muscles located in the rectum. In some cases, this stretching and sifting can lead up to diarrhea. This is, as you will probably agree, the most uncomfortable signs that you will encounter. However, rest assured that this is totally normal, and moreover, this is a good sign. The only thing you need to remember is to stay hydrated and prepare yourself because, most likely, you are just days away from holding your child in your arms.

2Cervix Dilation

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Like your whole body, your cervix needs to prepare itself for labor. The cervix will start to efface and dilate. This means that it will start to thin out and open in several days or weeks before you are ready to deliver your baby. If you are interested in this topic more, you can check this website YourDoctorsOnline. When you are at your regular check-ups, your provider will most likely track the dilation and effacement by performing an internal exam. It is important to point out that this process is different for different persons. So, you shouldn’t be discouraged if it occurs somewhat slower than you think is normal. Just relax, everything will be okay.

1Water Break

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While you have seen in movies that water breaking is the only way you will know that you are in labor, from this article, you saw that this is not entirely true. This is a scenario that is highly unlikely to happen. This is one of the final signs that will tell you that you are in labor. That part’s true. However, you shouldn’t stress about it. Think of it as a natural way, which it is, of your body telling you that you are ready for giving birth to your baby. When it happens, you are inches away from your child, be sure of that.


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