We all love flowers, no matter if they are in our garden, or in the vase in the living room. Every flower has the power to make our day beautiful, and they are still a symbol of love and affection between the partners, and of course, a way to show someone you respect them when you don’t know what to buy for their birthday or another occasion. Beautiful floral designs are a thing we all appreciate, especially when we know how much time and effort it takes to make all of those bouquets look fantastic.

But, floral trends are not just for gardening and bouquets. They apply to home decor, fashion, accessories, and many other fields in life too. We all love floral prints on our clothes or adding some flowers to our rooms, to make them warm and comfortable. Also, we can’t imagine a wedding or some other special event without them. So, let’s see the floral trends for 2024, and what can we expect for the next year?

1. Dried flowers

Image source: unsplash.com

In the early 2000s, dried flowers were a huge trend, and almost every home had them in at least one room. Soon after that, they were replaced with fresh ones, or with home plants, but this year, they are coming back stronger than ever. They can be a nice decor to your home or office, and some flowers look even more beautiful when dried than when they are fresh.

2. Roses are never getting old

As you can see on flowershopn5.com, roses are still the most popular flower in the world. People prefer them over the other kinds because its symbolism is powerful and they always bring some important message for the person who receives it. For example, red roses, as we all know, are a symbol of love, romance, and passion. But, pink ones show admiration and gratitude. If you choose white roses, you are showing that you appreciate the purity and recipient’s personality. Orange and yellow roses are rare choices, but they still bring some message with them, related to friendship, being respectful, and enthusiastic about the nature of the relationship you have with the person who gets it.

3. The color purple

Image source: unsplash.com

Purple flowers look beautiful, mysterious, pride, and success. If you want to be different, choose this color for your florals. This color was highly appreciated in the past because it was considered as a color for the royalties since it was very difficult to produce, and with that, pretty more expensive compared to any other color. So, if you love lavender, iris, or lilac, this is the year when you can show your appreciation.

4. Florals in the home decor

You don’t only need to put a few flowers in a vase or pot and place them around your home, so you can follow this year’s trends. There are many ways how to incorporate them into your rooms, including pillows, cushions, wallpapers, paintings, and so on. There is nothing better than getting inspired by natural beauty when you redecorate your apartment.

5. Home plants and gardening

Image source: unsplash.com

One of the biggest trends this year is taking care of home plants, that includes watering them, regularly checking if they are doing well, repotting if needed, testing which spot is the best for them, and enjoy plenty of benefits as air-purifying, calming the nerves, and improving your responsibility.

6. Unusual shapes and textures

If you consider the roses boring, you can always go for something more brave and unusual, as mixing different colors and shapes. Some creative people go even further, by combining the flowers with fruits, vegetables, and other edibles, so they can get a unique product. If you are creative enough, you can try everything that comes to your mind, without taking care if you follow the trends or not.

7. Floral fragrance inspiration

Image source: unsplash.com

Most of the designers and niche perfume brands are focused on floral notes this year, creating exceptional fragrances, especially for girls and women. We can say that the world is over the gourmand, oriental, and woody scents, and we all turn to more natural aromas, embracing the fruity floral notes, and wearing a fragrance that reminds of rose, jasmine, tuberose, water lilies, iris, or peony.

8. Floral prints on our clothes

We all know that flowers can make everything look better, so why don’t you invest in shirts, jackets, or even jeans with floral prints? Those who are braver can also choose flower-inspired footwear. No matter what you choose, you should know that you can never get wrong with these prints.

9. White flowers

They are nice-looking and delicate, and always smell so good. White flowers are a primary choice for the brides, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring them to some woman who is important to you. They don’t bring any special or hidden messages with them. They just stay there, look beautiful, and make the whole room smell nice and refreshing.

10. Wildflowers

Sometimes, some wildflowers you didn’t plant in your yard appear, and many people are trying to remove them. But, isn’t there something beautiful in nature’s choice to put that exact flower near you? Don’t remove them. They can only improve the way your yard looks. The only exception is when you know it can damage the rest of your plants and flowers, so in that case, it’s always better to remove it.

Florals will never be outdated, no matter for what purpose you need them. There will always be something fashionable in wearing clothes with flower prints, bringing a bouquet to your loved one, or improving the home décor by adding nature-inspired decorations.
The trends for the next year won’t change so much, because almost everything is on hold due to the pandemic. The best thing about the flowers is that they will always be present in nature, no matter what we do. That means many trends from the future will still be based on them, and it’s on you to follow them. You only need to pay attention to the symbolism and the message your flowers bring with them.