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Nowadays, the search for employment is very difficult for every individual. For some, the situation is further complicated by their past, that is, the existence of a criminal record.

Today, you can count on most employers to use criminal record searches like, so be sure that you will have to deal with your past over and over again.

This is not easy sometimes. Therefore, we suggest you read our 4 tips for finding work with a criminal record. We hope we’ll make it somewhat easier for you to look for a job and start a new life.

Is It Possible To Find A Job When Having A Criminal Record?

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Some recent research suggests that you should not feel discouraged. Namely, most HR experts today believe that workers with a criminal record can very well contribute to the productivity of a company that gives them a chance for a job. And not only that.

Some experts believe that such workers will bring companies equal, if not even greater, profits. There are many reasons for this. First of all, many rehabilitated convicts are willing to be loyal to a company that gives them a chance for a job, after their turbulent past. Besides, this program often includes the state itself. The state stimulates employers to hire people with a criminal record.

Moreover, many states, in cooperation with the Department of Consumer Affairs, offer licensed training for the different types of jobs that former convicts could perform. This way, they are stimulating employers to hire such people – but also people with a criminal record to start a new life as far away from the criminal margins of society. Are you ready to open a new chapter in your life? Then do it and try to find a job regardless of your criminal record.

Why Is Your File Relevant To Employers?

This question should not be asked at all. Every employer wants to hire a reliable worker with whom they will not have headaches. Of course, each of them wants to know when he is working in a certain job.

For example, if you have committed the crime of embezzlement in the past – certainly no employer will be thrilled to do business related to money transactions in his company. Also, the company that employs the convict is responsible in case he commits a violent act or sexually harasses his associates, etc. In practice, this means that employers who do not perform thorough checks of potential employees – take a big risk.

Tips For Finding Work With A Criminal Record

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As we said – finding a job is not easy even under normal circumstances, and it is even harder when you have a criminal record. So what can be done then? Here are some tips.

1. Cleaning Of Criminal Records

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Nowadays you can clean up your criminal records in several ways. This can help you by reducing the impact of your file on possible employment. According to, this system implies that some things or judgments can be deleted from your records. There are two most well-known ways to do this. One is getting a crime reduction certificate. Namely, some acts can be reclassified from criminal offenses to misdemeanors – only to be deleted from your records afterward. Also, you can ask for a certificate of rehabilitation.

This confirmation is required by the court and does not mean that your conviction will be commuted, but the court will give an opinion on whether you have been rehabilitated and an assessment that you will not commit the same crime for which you were previously convicted. This statement of the court speaks in favor of the fact that you are ready to become an equal member of society that will be productive.

2. Be Honest

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When you are looking for a job, you will also encounter the situation that during the interview, your employer does not ask you about the criminal record at all. However, that is not a reason not to be honest. Such things can be found out later, and then it would leave the impression as if you wanted to cover up and hide such a fact.

While it may seem to you that this is not information you should share, most employers will respect your honesty and the fact that you told them that yourself, and you didn’t wait for them to ask you something like that. They will appreciate your honesty further if you explain to them what lessons you have learned after such an experience. You can be sure that your chances will be much better than you think.

3. Become The Entrepreneur

If you’re still in trouble looking for a job and have an additional problem because of your criminal past – it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get a job yourself. How? Become an entrepreneur yourself. Numerous programs in correctional and rehabilitation facilities teach convicts to use their full capacity and become good entrepreneurs and business leaders. You can invest on your own or animate potential investors so that your business is good enough to invest in it. It’s worth considering, isn’t it?

4. Don’t Be Ashamed To Ask For Help

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It is difficult for many today to find a job. Those who had a turbulent past behind them will see many challenges ahead. Therefore, it is sometimes very good to have the help of trusted people. However, keep in mind that this branch of help is handled by people who are news and true professionals. Here, we primarily mean employment agencies, but also specialized organizations that provide assistance and support to rehabilitated persons after serving their sentences. For many of us, seeking help can be difficult.

But sometimes achieving goals is much easier with the help of others. This is especially true of job search. Numerous governmental and non-governmental organizations deal with human resources and support of special social categories, including persons with a criminal record. Therefore, do not hesitate to seek adequate and professional help in such places.