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Getting married to someone you love begins with the dreams of being together forever. Even though the ideal outcome would be to grow your family and be there for each other until “you both shall live”, sometimes the reality simply does not look that way. It is hard to realize that the person you chose to be your spouse is not who you thought would be, or simply things do not function the way you expected them to. 

After facing reality and realizing that the marriage is over, there is a period of mourning after the failed marriage. There is a saying that the divorce feels like the death of the family member. It is not easy to continue living alone after years of building a family and spending time together doing all kinds of activities together. It is important to be gentle to yourself and let yourself heal and accept the loss, so you can move on. 

The reality of it is that at some point you will want to find some special again to share your life with.

According to statistics, about 65 percent of divorced men find their love and get married again in a five-year term. Furthermore, the predominant share of all these men never regrets about the divorce. Also, about 15 percent of all other men get married in a period of between five to ten years.  

In the first years after the divorce, most men try to realize their dreams and fantasies to have an intense sexual life with several partners. As a rule, one of them is permanent, the others are temporary, often for two or three meetings. But as a fact, these occasional partners never make a divorced man happy. All, so-called free life of a man can rapidly annihilate his achievements and make him regret that he would not get married for the second time soon after the divorce. But are there any ways to find love fast after your heart was broken? Surely, there are.

Dating Platforms to Find Love 

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Online dating services are dedicated to bringing single people together even if there are thousands of miles between them. Some virtual platforms like RomanceCompass allow finding the specified group of candidates that would please the demands of a single man. These can be the best Russian girls that are registered to this website, who are ready to go on a date with a respectable western man who searches not only for the temporary acquaintance but for a long-term relationship.

Despite common misconceptions, the strong relationship between people who met each other online is possible. Many couples live happily after they got acquainted on social networks or on professional dating platforms that join people even through significant distance and other differences like religion, views, etc.

Dating platforms have huge benefits and significantly reduce the time to find someone suitable for yourself. Things are pretty straightforward because people are open about their requirements and the type of people they would like to meet. 

Reasons to Get Married Again

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Researchers from different countries note a significant drop in sexual activity in most divorced men in a year and a half after the breakup. They even reject the active offers of sex by women themselves. Often young and temperamental men reject exactly what they dreamed of for years before they got married for the first time. 

As for the responsibility for the family, which so depresses many husbands, and from which they run, it is replaced by a dramatically increased responsibility for themselves. these men don’t have a person to discuss some interesting facts and topics, no one to advise, no one to support in difficult or complicated moments. We all need someone to rely on and to be able to communicate openly, which may be a great challenge when going through the divorce. The society mostly imposes certain expectations from men, mostly that they need to be strong. However, the reality of it is that divorce is painful for both men and women.

The most important function of the family is psychotherapeutic, and the most benevolent lover though, can not take on this function. The relationship with such a woman is not empathic enough. Unfortunately, two-thirds of divorced people three years after the divorce consider their previous partner a more worthy person than a new wife or a permanent friend. Still, after some time passes and the new partner gains more respect and trust that misconception melts in the rays of love and family happiness. 

Can Dating Platform Give What is Needed?

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It surely can. Most men after a breakup sooner or later try to communicate more with women as they feel a lack of their charm and presence. Communicating with colleagues, friends, and friends of friends deserves respect. But dating platforms use is an absolutely new, powerful, and effective solution that can help find love even abroad in a country that has so much different in lifestyle and culture.

With this option, many men break the pattern of their habitual life and try finding a life partner with absolutely different moral values from women living in his country and region. These platforms offer everything: profile information, photographs, bio information, and preferences that a person can share with the same platform customers so that they be able to better evaluate the profile. 

It certainly has numerous benefits as it is pretty transparent. You can easily search for the preferred type and decide if the person is right for you or not after having a few conversations with the person. The great thing about it is that it gives a choice and it helps heal the wounds from a divorce and opens new opportunities for a happy life. 

So what are you waiting for? Register now and find your love online!