The most seasoned parent might be surprised by some of these statements. Are you aware that car accidents are becoming a significant cause of avoidable death for children aged 1 to 13 years?

But by installing & correctly using car & booster seats, you can secure your kids safer. And roll your eyes before you say, “Yeah yeah. You have to listen to what Dr. Alisa Baer, a pediatrician, also defined as The Car Seat Lady, has to say: “Studies have found that car seat configuration is one of the few things that people continue to get good at even for parents of their fourth child.”

Keep The Straps Of The Car Seat Secure.

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“Some children are walking around with belts that are too loose,” says Baer. Secured properly snug straps, unlike some kids ‘ complaints, don’t cause pain. “While you’re going to jump out of an aircraft with a parachute, you don’t have to think, ‘ Hey, it’s snug! Let me lose it!” She explains.

Keep Children Back As Possible.

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If your baby enters an infant car seat which is always rear-facing they must shift into a convertible car seat. These can either used in a back or forward-facing position. However, there are two separate things, ‘Can’ and ‘Must’. Baer says you must keep your child back wheel-facing until he or she is two years old and ideally higher until they meet the rear-facing car seat boundaries. That shouldn’t happen before your kiddos are at least two years old, and even then, don’t turn them over if they’re underneath the car seat maximums! If you are interested more about this topic you can find a lot of things explained here.

If Your Baby Becomes too Grown-up for Rear-Face, Make Them Forward-Facing

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“The aim now that we had turned the baby forward, making their brain & spineless secure than when they were back wheel-facing,” Baer says, “is to hold them as secure as we can.” You can do that by using a tether belt that comes with every single forward-facing seat sold in the United States. The harness protects the vehicle to the highest tether anchor point. That is where you will need to take out the guide of the owner of the car to locate their location. Since 2000, all vehicles are sold in the US must have anchors where the tethers can secure in at least 3 seating positions. One should use the best vinyl repair kit for their car such as available at, few are explained here:

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Black Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit

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Enough compound to patch up large and medium-sized rips; no heating equipment, patches, tape needed, putty, glue.

MastaPlasta Leather & Vinyl Repair Self-Adhesive Patch, XL Flat, Dark Brown

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The Additional-Large patch from the groundbreaking MastaPlasta repair company is ideal for covering significant gaps, damages, burns, and defects.

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Custom Shapes

The XL does have an uncomfortable spot cut-to-fit layout. Patches may be cut to match the affected area’s specific size.

Thus get a good repair kit for your car as safety is first for all. As stated few of the kits are great in functionality.


Safeness of the child in traffic is something that needs to be the top priority of every parent or guardian. We are witnesses that people less than ever pay attention to the traffic. In other words, everyone is always in a rush because they are usually late, so they become very nervous and impatient which can lead to disaster and unpleasant scenarios. We suggest you follow the suggestions you read in this article and be a responsible person in order to save your child’s life. In that way, if some accident occurs, you can reduce the percentage of damage and avoid the scenario of becoming a victim of someone else’s inadvertence.

However, if something like this happens, you need to be informed about the procedure you need to conduct. In those situations, the best option is to engage a personal injury attorney that will represent you after the accident. Many people do not really realize how important is to hire a professional who will defend your rights on recovering compensation. If you take the whole procedure on yourself, you will face the challenge to prove your liability and negotiating with the other side, the court, and the insurance company. For that reason, we suggest you consult with the Spaulding Injury Law if something like this happens to you, and ensure you get a fair settlement after everything you go through.